Today is my two year wedding anniversary! Time flies when you’re having fun! In honor of two years since my big day, I wanted to share some beauty tips that I wish I could go back in time and tell myself for my big day. I have always been obsessed with beauty products, but blogging came AFTER my wedding, so my serious obsessions and product testings weren’t until after that day. I  always knew a lot, but now I know way more about beauty products, so below is what I would do the same, and what I would do differently.

Your hairstyle that day should be an extension of what you’d normally wear. If you usually wear your hair down, wear it down that day too, but add a little pizazz in the form of a headband, hairpiece, or something flowery or sparkly. I like the idea of doing big waves too with a lot of body. If you wear your hair up, have fun with a fancy updo! 
Take the weather forecast that day into account too. If it’s going to be 115 degrees outside (like my wedding day) leaving your hair down isn’t practical. For my wedding, I had my hair put in an updo, and I grew my bangs out just long enough to pull them back out of my face. If it’s hot out, you don’t want your bangs getting all sweaty and sticking to your forehead. It’s not an attractive look!
If I had it to do over again, I would have paid closer attention to my bangs…some of them worked their way out of the bobby pins and got plastered to my forehead…luckily only a few pictures captured those moments before I got it under control!
The weeks and months leading up to your big day, you should adopt a skin routine that will keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and keep your acne at bay. Ideally, you should continue this skin routine forever! Having great skin is easy while you’re young but only gets more difficult as you age, so work at it now and you won’t be getting Botox with the rest of your peers. 
Wearing SPF on your face in pictures can cast a white glow upon your face, so that’s not recommended. Wear a basic moisturizer and a foundation that’s rated for picture wearing (believe it or not, some foundations don’t photograph well even if they look great on the skin). I suggest going to buy your foundation the day before your wedding, to get the absolute best match.
Also, don’t forget about the skin on your body! Don’t have a hydrated face and a parched body. Use some lotion and maybe something with a bit of shimmer to it.
If I had it to do over again, I would have worn SPF that summer. I was a nanny and spent my days poolside. I stupidly thought as long as I wasn’t in a tanning bed, I could just chill in the sun without sunscreen and it wouldn’t be THAT bad. I also would’ve worn a shimmery body oil like The Body Shop Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. I don’t think I wore any lotions at all on my body that day!
If there was ever a time to get your nails done, it would be for your wedding day. I’ve had my nails done three times in my life- my wedding day, my senior pictures, and one other random time, which actually resulted in me using a fingernail clippers to cut off my daggers. I hate fake nails.
Basically, be yourself. I’m not a long nail girl and wasn’t for my wedding either. I don’t bite my nails, but I can’t stand them long because they feel like they’re constantly getting dirt inside. 
I got a shellac manicure, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat! If you’re low on funds, I’d recommend getting the Nail Luv kit. They’re fabulous if you’re a DIY-er!
Depending on the season, you may want something that’ll keep you mattified or you may want something that makes your skin look dewey. In the summer, I’d stay away from anything offering an extra glow, because you probably don’t need it. I got married in the summer and it was the hottest day I can remember in my entire life. In reality, I think it was only 115 degrees with heat index. Puke.
I wore a lot of tried and true products that I knew I loved from bare Minerals and Clinique, among other brands. I let the ladies at the salon do me up and I got false lashes and the whole shebang. I was really happy with my makeup that day. 
If I was getting married TODAY two years later…now that I have reviewed a bazillion makeup items…here’s what I’d wear….

Wedding Day Must Haves

1) While I’ve found many cheaper mascaras I like just as well, if I’m getting married, I want to pamper myself with high end. Diorshow it is! In waterproof, of course.

2) Miracle Skin Transformer is an absolutely fantastic primer, and hydrates, gives me SPF and much more. I think it’s possibly one of the best primers I’ve ever tried. Perfect for my wedding day!

3) Lancome’s Artliner for eyes is one of my all time favorite liquid liners. I would line the top lash line only in this heat, so that I wouldn’t run the chance of any smudges. Read my article comparing it to L’Oreal’s similar product here.

4) Make Up For Ever’s Aqua Creams are perfect for a special day like a wedding. Crease proof, smudge proof, you name it, it’s not going anywhere. Read my review and check out some swatches here. 

5) Clinique’s CC Cream is a color corrector, which means it evens out my complexion. It doesn’t give me too much coverage, but I find it to be perfect for the summer time. It’s from Clinique’s Moisture Surge line, so it’s ultra hydrating too! Some brides may want a little fuller coverage, and for that I’d recommend Lancome’s Photogenic or something else a little thicker that photographs well.

6) I’m an eye girl, and I love high end, so my wedding day would be a perfect time to splurge on a fancy purple palette!

7) On my actual wedding day, I wore a really subtle lip. I am really into a bright lip though, lately. It’s such an easy way to amp up your look. I’d go with Exhibitionist by Buxom if I had it to do over! Check out my review here. 

8) Lancome has some fantastic palettes that combine a blush, bronzer, and highlighter all into one compact. I’m a huge fan of anything that takes the guess work out of getting ready. I love these palettes and they have a lot of glow and shimmer in them, which is perfect for your wedding day!

9) For my actual wedding day, my “something blue” was my perfume. I wore Blue II by Bvlgari. Truth be told, if I had it to do over, I’d probably still wear that perfume because I absolutely love it. But if I was going to go a totally different route, I’d chose Pure Vanilla by LAVANILA. It’s a light scent so it won’t blast anyone with any musk in the heat. It’s just really soft and smells very nice, just like what I’d want to smell like as a bride. It’s truly “pure vanilla” because I’ve never smelled anything claiming to be vanilla that’s had such a true vanilla scent. Everything else is very synthetic in comparison!

10) From The Body Shop’s Honey Bronze collection, I’d scoop up their Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil. I’m totally loving the subtleness of the sparkle, and it has a very light honey scent which is also really pleasant.


Also, as for the attire, choose something you won’t want to smack yourself for wearing when you look at your pictures. I’m happy with my picks- I wore a very simple and long dress, and changed into a short dress so I could breathe and stop sweating my buns off. I was much happier in the short dress!
Side note: Can you believe the average wedding costs $25,000? AVERAGE! That indicates that some people spend more than that on their wedding. Ridiculous! Do yourself a favor and hit up Pinterest for some DIY ideas, and save yourself some moola! Trust me, a couple years down the line you will wish you had a house and not a wedding 🙂 


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