I’m a huge fan of The Body Shop and I love basically everything I’ve ever tried from there. They sent me some goodies from their Honey Bronze collection, and I just realized I’ve been using these all summer, and I haven’t written a review yet! It’s time…before summer is no longer here and these may no longer be on the shelves. The Body Shop in my town is closed for remodeling this summer, so I can’t go in there to get my fix (and their fantastic deals). I will tell you about these great products and I’ll just have to live vicariously through all of you while you shop there and I can’t! 

First up, since I am attracted to anything with the words glimmer, shimmer, shine, illuminate, and glow like a moth to light, I have to review the Shimmering Dry Oils in Honey Gold and Honey Kissed. I was going to get a picture to share, but you really can’t tell someone is wearing these. So, are they worth the price tag if they don’t show up on skin? Let me explain…

Honey Gold is the lighter of the two shades, and Honey Kissed is the darker. The lighter shade has a touch more shimmer, and the darker shade looks a bit more natural on the skin. Both are meant to enhance a tan, give a non-greasy finish, and be intense and sparkly. Intense…meh. But I do think these leave my skin looking very nice. I think they’d be gorgeous if I was going to a wedding or showing my legs off, or my collarbones. On a day to day basis, I am far to lazy to apply this. But I do really enjoy using it when I do! When I rub this on the front of my legs, they light up and I look runway model-y. I kind of like that. Oh, and they smell like honey which is divine. 

Next up is the lip products. There are two in this collection, the Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm that comes in the little tub and the Honey Bronze Lip Nectar that comes in the tube. The lip balm has quite a bit of shimmer but isn’t that flattering on my lips by itself. I need a color underneath or it comes off as ashy on me. But don’t let that scare you away- my lips are pretty non-pigmented. I think this would be beautiful over a lip stain or on lips that are a little redder than mine. I actually like wearing this to bed sometimes (when I’m not wearing my Josie Maran lip quench). The Honey Bronze Lip Nectar in the tube is also a really nice product. I find myself reaching for this a bunch during the day. There’s lots of shimmer, and it’s really smooth but as it wears I can feel the gritty texture of the shimmer. I still love the way it looks and I carry it with me all the time so it doesn’t bother me to reapply!

Lastly, the three face products. I tried the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder in Fair Matte. This was a very light bronzer for my skin (NC20) so I’ve actually been using it as an all over face powder. I think this would be ideal for people who are so extremely fair skinned that they can’t find a bronzer that doesn’t muddy their skin tone. I’ve been avoiding the sun like a vampire this summer, so I’m pretty pale, but even so, this matches my skin color almost perfectly. So…bronzer it is NOT (on me) but if you’re really pale, this will be perfect. Oh yeah, and I freaking LOVE the honeycomb pattern etched on the top. Cute.

The Honey Bronze Face Gel confused me at first, but now that I have the hang of it, I like it a lot. It is highly concentrated, so you don’t need very much, and that said there is an enormous amount of product in the tube. If you use it on your face, it will last you forever. If you use it on your body mixed with a body lotion for a little tint, it might not last quite as long. Regardless, this is a great way to get a little extra bronze in there in gel form.

Lastly, the Honey Bronze Brilliance Powder is a super fun product. Bronzer is in the handle of the brush and you can just apply straight to where you need it! Super cool. This brings me back to my high school days when I was a sucker for something like this that they sold at Victoria’s Secret. My favorite place to use this is on my decollate. 

I’m really liking all the honey influences in these products. I suggest picking them up! All this talk about honey and nectar is making me think about bees. I have ground bees in my yard, and I’m deathly horrified of bees. Anybody else have this problem in their yard? If you didn’t know, they build single nests inside the ground like an anthill. There are 15-20 bees that hang out in my yard and give me heart attacks every time I go to my car. I can’t even talk about it anymore. If anyone has a solution, let me know! 

 *I purchased a couple of these products, and the rest were sent to me for review! Opinions are my own.
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