Today I have a fantastic review of some lip tints. What’s a lip tint? It’s basically an alternative to lipstick or lipgloss that gives your lips the coveted look of “my lips but better.” I received four shades of Julia’s Lip Tints for review, and I’m so excited to share more information with you!
L-R: Coralesque, Hot Chick Pink, Truly Yours Red, Au Naturel Pink
*At the moment, I believe only the larger size, 0.5 oz is available for purchase, the other sizes were for sampling.
Julia’s Lip Tint:
  • Has a rosewater and glycerin base that naturally softens lips
  • Doesn’t rub (or kiss) off like ordinary lipsticks
  • Has a lovely fragrance, but is taste-free
  • Lasts for several months, even with daily use
  • Comes in a variety of colors

The lip tint I was most familiar with before testing these is Benetint by Benefit. It comes in a bottle that’s 0.4 oz and retails at $30. Julia’s Lip Tints are 0.5 oz and retail at $14.95, shipping and handling included. That alone makes these really worth checking out!
Similar to Benetint, I found I could layer these lip tints for the desired effect. I might want to wear just one layer, or build it up for a little more color. The application of these may vary based on your preferences. Mine came with a sponge tip applicator, similar to what you would find in your eyeshadow case. They also came with Q-tips. I preferred applying these with the Q-tips, however the tip of the cotton does absorb a lot of product. Even so, I think this jar will last forever!
For a natural matte finish, you can skim over your lips with a dampened Q-tip dipped in water after everything 
One thing to think about with application is how germy it can be to reach the same wand from your lips into a container, and back and forth. I really like that I can get a clean and fresh wand each time to apply these with. I’ll be interested to see what the owner decides to do with packaging as her company gets bigger! I honestly don’t mind the way they are packaged now but we’ll see if a revolutionary applicator is on its way for Julia’s Lip Tints in the future!
Swatched on my arm below is each shade just one swipe, then layered. 
L-R: Coralesque, Hot Chick Pink, Truly Yours Red, Au Naturel Pink. 
As you can tell, the Au Naturel pink isn’t really showing up on me! More on that down below…

As I was testing out Au Naturel Pink, I thought I wouldn’t have much of a use for it because it really doesn’t show up on my skin or my lips. I think it would be meant for someone with an extremely pale complexion. The owner left a note with my sample that she likes to wear this shade while sleeping. It softens the lips, and gives just the tiniest hint of color to your lips. I think that’s how I’ll be using this one!
I really enjoyed testing these out. I think my absolute favorite shade is Hot Chick Pink for summer. I really enjoy the flush of color these give to the lips, and I love that there are so many shade options. I am definitely going to be placing my order so I can test out some shades for fall. I can smell the rosewater in the formula of these and that’s about all- no offense smells or chemicals here! I also love that since these dry to a completely matte finish, I can look polished and put together but still kiss my baby and not get her full of lipstick.
Below is my lips with one coat of Hot Chick pink, and then down below with two coats!

These also look really nice with gloss on top! I’m curious to know if anyone else has ever heard of Julia’s Lip Tints? I think they will gain more in popularity as more people review these. I wish I could pick them up in a store near me, but for now I’m just pleased that they are so inexpensive with shipping included online! Which color do you like the best?

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