It seems like Essie’s Naughty Nautical collection is all I wear on my nails lately. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a nail polish collection. There is truly something for everyone between four shades of brights and two muted pastels. 
Naughty Nautical is a marine blue-green shimmer. It is a turquoise jewel tone, beach at Cabo, type shade that I think suits every skin tone, whether you are pale or rockin’ a summer tan.
The More The Merrier is a juicy lime green shade that reminds me of Shrek. It is a cute ogre, a bitter green apple, a shade from your bright beach towel, and perfection all wrapped into one.
These two shades are my absolute favorite of the bunch, but I discover a new favorite each time I try a shade on. The Girls Are Out reminds me of the exact shade of bridesmaid dress I searched to the ends of the earth for for my wedding party before I settled on black. Full Steam Ahead would be absolutely gorgeous to rock with a tan…it would really make the pearlescent lilac pop!
And in case you didn’t read my summer bucket list post yet…I have vowed to keep nail polish on my nails as much as I can, since I have so many gorgeous shades. Does a week straight count? I think so!
4. Keep my nails painted gorgeous, bright colors! I have so much nail polish so no excuses!

It seems like all the nail bloggers are really into Seche Vite for a top coat, but I’ve found that Essie’s line of nail care works well for my needs. Seche Vite is always hard for me to track down at the store and last time I used it it discolored the nail polish underneath. I’m not a serious nail polish user, just for funsies, but I find that Essie’s line works perfectly for me. I also highly recommend using the Apricot Cuticle Oil and the Millionails when you’re rocking bare nails!
What’s your favorite shade from the line? Comment below!

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