Since this so rarely happens, I felt the need to document it. I have so much makeup that if I “hit pan” (in other words, I use the product so much that it wears away and the metal pan it is contained in is showing at the bottom) it is worth taking a picture of. 
So, what is this mystical bronzer that I’ve managed to hit pan on? It’s Rimmel’s bronzer in Sun Dance. I bought this on recommendation almost two years ago when I heard it was a fantastic option for a drugstore bronzer. I used it for around six months every day, when it got tossed to the back of my makeup stash, never to be seen again….at least until I rediscovered it a couple weeks ago.
What’s so remarkable about this shade? I think it’s a gorgeous bronzer with a very slight shimmer, and it’s perfect for light to medium skin tones. The shimmer in Sun Dance is not like a disco ball, it’s more like a soft sheen or glow. 
I’ve discovered that this is a great dupe for Estée Lauder’s Soft Shimmer Bronzer. See them pictured below swatched side by side:

Left- Rimmel Sun Dance
Right- Estée Lauder Soft Shimmer Bronzer 

When looking up Estée Lauder’s Soft Shimmer Bronzer, I discovered that it is no longer available! The company has repackaged their bronzers and they have different shades now. Such a bummer, but with a dupe so close in color and quality (and so much lower in price!) you won’t even miss the Soft Shimmer bronzer.

This is one of the best dupes I’ve ever found! What’s YOUR favorite dupe find? 

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