Now that summer is *officially* here and has been in full swing for about a week…I thought I’d make a bucket list, or a list of things that I really want to do this summer. Some fun, some serious, some general things I need to do….all mandatory! 

1. Read a book…haven’t actually had time to do this since having a baby.
2. Complete Couch to 5K
3. Check out this “zombie run” jive everyone’s been talking about.
4. Keep my nails painted gorgeous, bright colors! I have so much nail polish so no excuses!
5. Wear SPF every single day!
6. Clean out and organize my garage.
7. Sort out winter/summer clothes (I always do this then moving gets in the way of it staying that 
8. Organize all my boards on Pinterest! (follow me @justinalayne)
9. Finding a better method of organization for my perfume hoarding. Perfume has taken over my vanity!
10. Go to the beach
11. Delve into learning CSS- something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.
12. Sort through makeup AGAIN and only keep what I really love.
13. Completely finish Christmas shopping (I’m 90% done!) 
14. Buy a plane ticket home for September.
15. Drink 100 oz of water every day.
16. Dye/highlight my hair a more manageable shade- no more of this super dark nonsense…I can’t keep up with the roots.
17. Go to the Dave Matthews Band concert at the Gorge Amphitheater!
18. Make dinner at least 5 nights a week.
19. Have Mike start making dinner again sometimes! I do all the cooking lately.
20. Do one load of laundry every day.
21. Put away one load of laundry every day.
22. Take my dog somewhere he can run off leash.
23. Buy my daughter some new toys for her quickly developing brain.
24. Buy my daughter a new outfit for her future once a week- that way as she is growing out of her sizes she has new clothes to wear without me having to buy them all at once.
25. Get into a daily routine with my daughter, involving nap time, play time, etc so she’s not awake at night so much!
26. Style my hair at least every other day. My failsafe ponytail style is getting quite old!
27. Play the saxophone. Unfortunately, being a renter, being the mother of an infant, and having no time to myself makes it really hard for me to keep up this hobby.
28. Start an account with My Fitness Pal (iPhone app) to keep track of calories.
29. Keep up with my Jawbone UP so I can track calories burned!
30. Keep in touch with an old friend.
31. Make amends with an old friend.
32. Work on time management with my blog. I don’t have a lot of time to work on it, so make the time I have count!
33. Figure out the iCloud.
34. Make a workout playlist.
35. Have a few Netflix nights and catch up on Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, The Client List, and Bones.
36. Have a day where I don’t use social media for 24 hours. Unplugged= awesome.
37. Moisturize head to toe before bed every night.
38. Start reading to Jocelyn before bedtime.
39. Grill out more.
40. Take a free online class at
41. Pay off at least half of my braces (Yes, I got braces! Doing a post soon.)
42. Get Jocelyn’s pictures taken at 9 months old.
43. Learn to make a healthy dessert from scratch.
44. Make it to the YMCA for a workout at least 5 days a week.
45. Go on more family walks in parks around town.
46. Realize life is not a dress rehearsal and start living accordingly.
47. Get Jocelyn a bigger pack and play! I never realized we bought the travel crib size and she’s outgrown it.
48. Buy an electric toothbrush!
49. Successfully sell something on eBay using the “Sell it on eBay” store I discovered in Spokane!
50. Go to Trader Joe’s and buy some more delicious snacks!
51. Visit our friends from out of town more.
52. Get to bed by 11 pm for a whole week straight!
53. Attend some sort of festival or flea market.
54. Plan a vacation (not the kind that’s to our hometowns) for next year. Something exciting and adventurous and a true family vacation!
55. Plan a surprise for another person.
56. Lounge around in the sun for a couple hours with nothing to do but lay out and relax! (With SPF of course)
I can’t wait to put a few of these into action right away! Today I will be visiting friends from out of town AND doing a beach day. I plan to use Fitness Fridays to hold myself accountable at accomplishing some of these tasks.
In the comments, I would love to know a couple things YOU plan on doing this summer! Fill me in!
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