I made it to my second official Fitness Friday! Today I have a couple reviews and my weekly progress for you to check out. I have to admit I kind of cringed after I announced with my other blogger friend that we were going to do this. There’s no turning back if you make yourself publicly accountable! 
If you want some help keeping with your healthy goals, trying to stay fit, or get fit, please join us on instagram @justinalayne @intrubeauty. We are hashtagging everything health related #fit2bfab. We would love your encouragement and we would love to send some motivation your way too!

My Jawbone UP bracelet has majorly been helping me out to track sleep and healthy choices. It helps me track calories consumed, calories burned, sleep patterns, steps taken, etc. The one thing that’s a pain is counting calories because I don’t always know how to document meals I make for myself. It can be tedious to go in and keep track of what I put in a salad- 1/2 an avocado, a serving of lettuce, a serving of dressing, croutons, etc. Kind of a pain! Admittedly, I skipped counting calories the last two days because I was too stressed out to deal with it. I think after a week of wearing this I’ve got a pretty good idea of where I need to go with sleep and fitness to reach my goals!
My Waterfiller bottle has been great to have around. It fits 17 oz of water inside, and filters it as I drink. What I love about it is that I have to push a lever and suck to get the water to come out, so there’s no chance of spilling. I also love that the water filters from the reservoir before it goes in your mouth rather than having to put water that’s already been filtered into my bottle. Why do I like it this way? I love to drink filtered water, and I love to drink ice cold water. When I drink from my Waterfiller, I can have it both ways. When I drink out of a regular water bottle, I normally put my (unfiltered) ice into a water bottle along with filtered water, which basically defeats the purpose.
My Anita bra is something I wish I got to use more this week. It’s a fantastic sports bra that has 3 toggle clasps in the back. I love how secure “the girls” feel when I wear this and how great the quality is. It will be my go-to when I start working out at the gym!

How did I do on my goals this week?

  • I went out of town over the weekend so it was hard to eat healthy. I made as many smart choices as I could though! I knew I’d be hungry on the drive, so I brought baby carrots and water. For dinner, I was in charge of the snack beforehand, so I brought Texas Caviar (beans, corn, salsa, and vegetables all mixed together) to go with tortilla chips. I limited myself to just a couple. Dinner was enchiladas but I was pretty good the rest of the day so I didn’t feel bad splurging.
  • My Jawbone bracelet has really been helping me make good choices. I set the buzzer to vibrate if I am idle for more than 30 minutes at a time. I was surprised how many times it went off. Mostly when it went off I was either driving or at home playing with my baby on the carpet. When it went off at home, I tried to immediately stand up and do whatever I was doing on my feet instead of sitting down.
  • My Jawbone bracelet has also helped me track my calories and set goals. I wasn’t aware how many calories I was consuming or how many steps I was taking in a day. My goal is set for 10,000 steps every day and I haven’t come near that. Each day I get a little closer though!
  • I made about 20% of my walking goal every day this week. I also need to work on cutting back on calories. Baby steps, people! I checked out a gym today too, so I will be able to clock more exercise every day. I also found a trail nearby my house and took a short walk on it today. I hope to revisit it tomorrow!
Something I hope to post on next week is eMeals- a service I just signed up for. Can’t wait to give you more info, but I have to try it first!
How are you doing on your health goals this week? Don’t forget to join us on instagram #fit2bfab

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