Blush is something I’ve only started really wearing in the last couple years. Up until I started blogging I only owned one or two of them. I’ve learned a lot about blush and how to wear many different colors. Some look really scary in the pan but look really nice on- and even subtle! Since becoming a mom I’ve really relied on blush to give me a little color to my cheeks and put a little life into my look. I’ve documented what several of my recent favorites look like. Bright or natural looking in the pan doesn’t matter- as you’ll see- different shades give completely different looks. Keep reading to discover some of my go-to blushes.
Some of my Favorites in Swatches- All by Lancome:
No Flash/flash

Top to bottom:
Aplum, Blushing Nude, Tangerine Tint, Cosmopolitan Pink

Lancome has some of the best blushes out there- they are all very wearable shades, go on silky smooth, and are buildable. I prefer a very slight dusting on my cheeks of color most days, unless I’m going dramatic, and going dramatic with blush can turn into a clown show if you’re not careful. Lancome’s blushes also never seem to hit pan or even close. I have a couple that I’ve been using for years and they barely show signs of being used.


Lancome Cosmopolitan Pink
Described as a bright pink, this looks straight up scary in the pan, but translates to a just pinched color on the cheeks. Too much of this would look like Barbie, but a soft sweep on the cheeks really brightens up my complexion.

Lancome Tangerine Tint
A bright orange blush is not for the faint of heart, but it’s a perfect color to match with some of the palettes that are out this season. Mint, peach, and bronze shimmer are key shades in a few seasonal summer palettes I’ve seen recently (LORAC Glo Getter, Lancome Aquatic Essence, etc) and I’ve found this to be the perfect blush to match. If your complexion is ruddy I think this would be a nightmare. I prefer to pair this with a full coverage foundation to nix any redness in my skin, and rock some of the shades mentioned above on my eyes to go with it.

MAC Pink Swoon
In this picture, I am wearing this with a BB cream only. If you have less than perfect skin, I would recommend wearing a shade with bright pink/red with a full coverage foundation to cancel out any redness in your skin before adding such a bright tone to your complexion. I think this perks up my cheeks but a little goes a long way. A heavy hand with this gives me accidental 80s cheekbones in a quick hurry (read: caked on powder blush that’s way too bright). It looks gorgeous when applied in a thin layer with a fluffy brush. It applies very pigmented so start lightly.

Aveda petal essence face accents in Hibiscus
This shade is part of Aveda’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you must! I will be reviewing the collection shortly so stay tuned. This particular shade is super easy to use. It would also qualify as a palette of sorts. There is a bright red shade on the left, a neutral soft coral in the middle, and a nude highlighter on the right. I found that using a huge blush brush worked the best for this, so that the color applied over a broad area rather than concentrating the red on my cheekbones. I love the way this looks paired with a bright red lip- I am wearing “cana”- which is also in Aveda’s new line.


Julie Hewitt Cheekie Lip and Cheek Shine in Destiny
In this pic, I’m just wearing foundation, powder, mascara and the Lip/Cheek shine. The dent you see in the product was from me testing with my finger what the consistency was. It’s a hard balm consistency so it was pretty hard to make a dent in the formula. The product goes on very sheer and is buildable. The color they show this to be on their website is really off in my opinion- it’s more true to color here. This is the perfect product for an overnight bag or for your purse. It’s double duty and I think the sandy pink color makes it perfect for looking glam on a lazy day.

I’m absolutely obsessed with this shade lately. It’s a nude with soft pink. I really like wearing this because I feel like it warms up my complexion. It’s not quite a berry, and not quite a nude. It’s the perfect in between shade that makes it versatile for just about every look. I am wearing it above with a bright pink lipstick and a smoky eye. This will be my go-to this summer! I think it will look especially lovely with a tan.


Mally Effortless Airbrush Duo

Mally is like the queen of easy, foolproof makeup kits. I love her City Chic Eye Palettes that come with a primer in the palette (so convenient!) and I love this Effortless Airbrush Duo for the same reason. The formula of the highlighter and blush is a very creamy, pigmented powder. The double ended brush that comes with the duo isn’t my favorite, but when I use a huge fluffy brush to apply, I love how the shades have a glowing sheen on my face. The blush is a pinky-coral and the highlighter is a sheer nude. Applied together, you can achieve a subtle look with a gorgeous glow.

Lancome Nectar Lace
Lancome’s Blush Subtil 3-Pan Palettes ROCK. I can’t help but be enthusiastic about a palette that contains bronzer, blush, and illuminator all in one. These palettes take ALL of the guesswork out of getting gorgeous, glowing skin. Many times, if I have a blush, I will try to find a corresponding bronzer and illuminator, but I have eleventy billion choices of each, which is both awesome (for the makeup hoarder in me) and annoying (for the need-to-get-ready-in-5-minutes-too-many-freakin’-choices) in me. The 3-Pan Palettes pair 3 perfect shades all in one place for you. Also, they have just enough shimmer to make you look glowy and fab, and not so much that you look like a greasy strobe light. The texture on these is buttery and fantastic. I have a few of these, but I wanted to show you the Nectar Lace, which is probably my favorite because the coral color is awesome for summer.

Now…tell me…what is YOUR favorite blush choice for summer? Bright, nude, cream formula, palette? No blush at all? Do you prefer bronzer? I would love to hear your thoughts!
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*Most of the items in this post were press samples, save for the MAC blush and the Lancome Nectar Lace Palette. All opinions were my own! 

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