I’ve been turning to my smoky eye palettes lately for some of my easiest looks. Normally, smoky palettes have some deep, dark tones, some light highlighter tones, and some in between tones. I’ve been playing with the in between tones recently. Want to know why they’re the perfect shades? You barely have to do a thing- just prime your lid and add a single wash of color…no contouring required. 

Mally City Chick palettes are awesome. I reviewed another palette of theirs not long ago. What makes them so great? Built into the palette is a primer, and then you have 3 shades to play with. I found the silver and the matte brown shade the perfect mid tone shades to play with on my eyes when looking for a single sweep of color. Also, these palettes come with an eyeliner. I don’t normally line my waterline, but Mally’s pencils are the best for the job if you are in the business of lining that area of your eye.
Another favorite for mid tones? Smashbox’s Photo Op Eyeshadow Palette in Smokebox II does the job as well. I reviewed another of the Photo Op palettes a while ago and thought that was fab too! My favorite way to wear these as an allover wash of color on the lid is to take a fluffy brush and dip into the two most neutral shades (marked above) going back and forth between both to get a really even mix. Then, I simply dust it on my lid. Voila! The perfect color for every day.
What’s perfect about wearing either of these palettes as a single wash of color on the lid is that later you have room to go back and go dramatic at night. I’m too busy to go back and wash my face and start over if I’m going out. I’d rather work from what I have. I like the idea of going back in with a brush later and working a deeper color into my crease and taking the lightest shade in the palette and using it for a highlighting color. 
I’m loving these palettes! Gotta love easy! Which is your favorite, and do you wear a single color on the lids?
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