I’m lovin’ me some Springy fragrances lately! I’m going to be doing a series soon on beachy summer fragrances so stay tuned. But these little lovelies couldn’t wait. Mostly because they don’t really smell “beachy”- think sun tan lotion, tropical flowers, the ocean, and coconuts. None of those scents come to mind when I smell honeysuckle. But what I love about that scent is it is delightfully springy and light and fresh, but the smell still has a lot of depth. Most springy fragrances are pretty light and fade off within a couple hours. 
White Barn Candle Co. sells their Honeysuckle candles at Bath & Body Works for $20. I love the price, I love the availability (almost every mall, even in a small town, has a B&BW), and I love the scent. You can always catch B&BW on a sale too, so I’m sure you could score this candle for less. Reviews on the store’s website weren’t that great- people think this smells too strong and too musky. To solve that problem, I like to leave the lid open on the candle and not burn it, or put it on a candle warmer. I also like to burn a candle in a room I’m not sitting in so it’s less strong where I am. If you do that be careful not to start a fire. I really love candles from B&BW and this one is no exception!
Thymes Temple Tree Jasmine Cologne doesn’t have the name honeysuckle, but the notes of honeysuckle in there are strong enough that I felt it fit this post. The first couple times I spritzed this, I kept taking double takes at the title. Jasmine? Say what? Nope…it’s honeysuckle. Upon further investigation, I’ve discovered that I was right. Here’s the company website description:

Each spritz releases floral veils of heady Temple Tree blossoms and jasmine sambac, entwined with honeysuckle, ylang ylang and damask rose and steeped in silky coconut milk.

I pretty much don’t smell anything in this besides honeysuckle, but I love it. It lingers from a long time on my skin, and the smell doesn’t turn on me like many floral fragrances do. I have been spritzing this on nonstop this week. It’s just perfect for getting Spring ready and I can’t get enough of it. Plus, it’s in a gorgeous glass bottle, which would make it perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. Don’t forget…it’s just around the corner (May 12th).

How do you feel about the fragrance of honeysuckle? Have you tried it? I highly recommend it if you like lighter florals that linger.

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