I thought it appropriate to combine reviews for two recent products I tested out because they both have two things in common- they’re messy and all natural. Although they were both on the messy side, I definitely thought the results were worth it. 
Vivoderm is a skincare brand I recently stumbled upon and love. I can really get on board with the good for you ingredients of this natural skincare line. Most recently, I checked out their 100% Herbal Anti-Acne Facial Mask. It’s not cheap ($75) but it is effective and fun to use. In fact, the hubby and I both used it.
This is safe to apply every other day. Simply mix 2 scoops of mask powder with enough plain yogurt/Aloe Vera gel/water to make a paste. Apply to cleansed face and other areas with acne, leaving on for 20 minutes. Follow with the Vivoderm Zinc Repairing Facial Cream (which is awesome and will be featured in my sunscreen post soon).
This is truly an herbal mask, right down to the scent. It literally smells like I opened my spice cabinet. I think it’s a very relaxing and calming scent and very pleasant. It comes with a little wooden scoop and a mixing bowl. I opted to use my JASON Aloe Vera Gel to mix it with rather than water or yogurt. I needed quite a few pumps of this (9-10) so I will probably go with water next time just to save myself the product- I’m hoarding my Aloe Vera in case I get a sunburn this summer. 

The mask was a bit messy and crumbly on my face, so I had to wear a towel, but it was no big deal and I did it all- from the mixing to the application, to the waiting 20 minutes- while watching tv. Don’t wait longer than 20 minutes to remove the mask- when it dries from too long it gets crusty and hard and peeling it off can be rather painful. I found when I followed the directions, I was left with baby smooth skin that felt so soothed.  
The other product you absolutely need in your life is by 100% Pure- their Cherry Honey Facial Scrub. For the low price of $18, I can honestly say using this product is a luxurious experience in every way. The honey and the sugar are separated in the container and you shove your fingers around to mix them together before applying on your face. All the ingredients in this scrub are pure, and I even tasted the honey! My face is incredibly soft after using this, actually to the point where I wouldn’t need to moisturize if I didn’t want to. It just feels that soft.

This is a scrub I recommend using at night and just before taking a shower. Why? Because I found that with the incredibly thick texture of the honey, some of the mixture got stuck in the baby hairs around my forehead. It’s a pretty sloppy process using this, and I made a bit of a mess of things. Even when taking this off in the shower, I found sugar granules 3-4 inches back into my scalp that had crept their way up while I was washing. I recommend tying your hair back and pulling the front out of your face when applying, then sweeping it from your face in a downward motion. When you shampoo afterwards, make sure to scrub extra in your face framing layers, in case there is some leftover honey residue!
I also stored it after opening it, and it was teensiest bit open on the side…which resulted in a huge honey disaster. Make sure you store it completely closed and lying flat. Or, store it in the shower! 
Despite the messy nature of both of these facial products, they were very well worth it. I had a fantastic experience with both and they will definitely be working their way into my skin routine as I take extra special care of my skin as it gets warm out. I wouldn’t want to be caught with only BB cream level coverage and icky skin! 
Check ’em out and be on the lookout for more product reviews from Vivoderm and 100% Pure. I have a couple more features on the way!

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