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Do you ever feel like when you’re getting ready in the morning, it’s like playing roulette? So many options for washing, styling, accessorizing, etc. Here’s a sneak peek into how my mind works when I am getting ready in the morning…what to choose, what to choose…

I’ve been loving Moroccanoil’s Shampoo and Conditioner (and really all their products!) My hair feels so soft after using these that I almost don’t need more products in my routine- detangler, leave in conditioner, etc. I could be a wash and go girl! But alas, I love products, so…on to my next step!


Some of these products don’t market themselves as being heat protectants (1&2) but my hair stylists have told me that most oils are natural heat protectants. My personal fave lately has been this one by Sally Hershberger. It has silk and cashmere extracts which make my hair feel super smooth and shiny. I rarely get out my blowdryer these days as I prefer to air dry (and I’m lazy) but getting it out to test this product out made me remember how luxuriously soft and shiny my hair could be after a blowout.

There are so many styles on Pinterest that I wish I could achieve. If you follow me on Pinterest you can check out some of my hair lusts on my Hair board. Luckily for me, one of my favorite brands, HairUWear makes it possible for me to do crazy things like try on clip on bangs, braided hairpieces, and more. I am loving the braided band look lately! There are enough color options that I was able to get the perfect match too! 

Tricky Lite is an awesome product that helps make styling easy. I like to spray it in my hair after styling, as a sort of hairpray/spray wax type product. It works really well before and after curling, and I love to spray it in my bangs to hold them as well. Believe or not, their site videos are actually super informative and great to watch if you ever have any questions on how to use products. Here is the Tricky Lite video. 

I love my finished product! I’ve created this pinnable image in case you feel inspired by my getting ready roulette and want to pin it to your own pin board! Do you like this type of post? Please tell me in the comments below!
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