OK, so I have a confession to make…a long time ago I mentioned that I was going to blog about fitness. I actually made it to the gym a couple times, and then basically life got in the way, we moved, went on a trip, [insert excuse here] and yeah…I fell off the wagon. I’m kind of ridiculous with exercise really. I’m the person who won’t go anywhere without tennis shoes, you know…just in case I decide to work out when we go out of town for the weekend. In the middle of winter. Outside. Riiight. 
So anyways, life is hard, and full of excuses. But it’s almost summer and I want to look good in shorts. Luckily for me, my blogger friend, Jessica, from InTruBeauty has decided to team up with me and bring back Fitness Friday. We’ve got some really cool things going on, including a DietBet. 
Join our DietBet here:  http://bit.ly/ZPJGPF ($5 contribution only)

Our DietBet starts Sunday, and it’s going to be great. There are DietBets that you buy into for $25+ but we wanted to keep it cheap while we were getting a feel for what it was like. Basically, you buy in for a small amount of money (in our case, $5) and you try to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. If you achieve this goal, you get to split the pot with others who have achieved this goal. You can donate the money you win to charity, or keep it for yourself. They have special parameters in place to keep you from cheating too, which is always good.
So, Jessica wants to stick to a program that looks really easy. I haven’t quite read up on it, but I just ripped this off from her blog post. I plan on reading up on this before we start Sunday!
Jumpstart Basics

  • 3 cups of coffee per day, 1 right in morning
  • Fish oil with every meal
  • Plate always 40% healthy carbs, 40% lean protien, 20% healthy fats
  • 16 ounces of water before every meal 
  • 15 minutes of “Jumpstart” moves per day (see video below) 
  • Sample Meals (below)

Diet Details: 
(There is also a book for purchase)
Printable Recipe List:
Exercise Guide with videos (15 minutes/day):

I think it’s very important to analyze what my weaknesses are in order to set achievable goals, so I am going to do just that.
Weaknesses & Where I’m at Right Now:
  • Cooking- it doesn’t come naturally to me so it’s easy to get take out rather than make something nutritious. I also have an affinity for cheesy carbs, steak, and burgers when I dine out.
  • Exercise- it’s not always nice enough outside to go for a walk or run and I don’t currently have a gym membership. I do a lot of mall walking but I’m not sure how much my heart rate is going up doing that (unless I spot a great deal while I’m walking).
  • I blog a lot intermittently throughout the day- when my daughter’s down for a nap, for a few minutes here and there while she’s playing, when she goes to bed, etc. I really need to try for more consistency, like an hour in one sitting, and then spend the rest of my spare minutes doing a more active hobby.
  • I can’t find my ipod. I probably wouldn’t use that while mall walking anyways, but still. I want my darn ipod if I have to go for a run outside.
  • I’m really into gimmicky stuff. I have to have the right “gear” to be successful. It’s kind of like when I was in grade school and needed to have the Lisa Frank notebooks. And in college when I had to buy my couture school supplies at Borders. If I want to do well, I need to invest in the Lisa Frank of fitness- fancy shmancy water bottles, some Beyonce on my ipod, new tennis shoes, etc. 
What My Plan For Success This Week is:
  • Sign up for the DietBet and put some honest effort into it. SIGN UP HERE! 
  • Drink a lot more water and seltzer water (my favorite substitute for pop) from my WaterFiller that I will be reviewing for you next Fitness Friday.
  • Fix up some easy, healthy foods. I bought some healthy tortillas and pre cooked, sliced, chicken breast that will taste great on salads. For my lifestyle, easy does it with the food, so hopefully my healthy options are a hit this week and give me energy.
  • Wear my Anita bra when I mall walk. If “the girls” are in place, maybe that’ll encourage me to pick up the pace a little bit!
  • Try to sleep a little bit more. I just bought a Jawbone bracelet and I’m really curious to see how it works out for me. It’s supposed to wake me up at the idea time in my sleep cycles. I’m pretty excited to give it a shot.
So basically…try to eat better, try to pick up the pace during my workouts, sleep a little more, and drink a little more…and oh yeah, DIETBET! 
If you want to join me on this journey, you can sign up for DietBet and/or join me on instagram! We have created a hashtag for our fit journey, and it’s #fit2bfab. So tag your photos doing healthy things and join us by hashtagging your journey, and adding @justinalayne @intrubeauty

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