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Beauty For Real is a brand I LOVE who has the best lip glosses. Seriously, they are fantastic. I’ve done many reviews for them in the past and they have really hit it out of the park on their products, making them a)fantastic quality and b)very functional with a light up applicator and mirror. Try a BFR product and you will wonder why ALL of your makeup doesn’t come with a mirror and a light. I haven’t met a single person ever who has tried their lip gloss and not liked it.

When I found out that Beauty For Real came out with a new lip shade, “Pinkini,” I just knew I had to share it with you here. I would describe it as a beautiful medium toned, cool pink with just a hint of shimmer. I love the way it takes my lip look up a notch but doesn’t go too cray-cray.

Even better of a deal is their beauty bags for the summer that come in two colors as you can see above- Pink and Bronze. Each kit comes in a silver metallic bag and has everything you need (besides BB cream) for a gorgeous summer look on the beach. I think this beauty bag would make the perfect Mother’s Day gift, or save it for a birthday/Christmas/just because gift for that special someone in your life. 
I’ve tried all the products in this bag but I’ll give you the brief rundown:
Light Up Lipgloss- I am a huge fan of the slight minty tingle these give off and an even bigger fan of the mirror on the side, and the light up applicator. The LED light ensures that you will never run out of a battery, and even if it’s not this shade that you’re applying to your lips, you can use it as a flashlight for your purse, or as a mirror for whatever gloss you are applying. Perfect in every way.
Get Glowing! Cheek Tint & Luminizer- These are phenomenal because it’s a cream blush and cream highlighter in one sleek compact with a mirror. They work great together, so there’s no guess work which tone of highlighter to use with which blush (which is a game I play many mornings with my makeup! So many choices!) The quality on these is great and the colors are sheer and buildable.
Miracle Mascara- This is a no nonsense, super simple mascara. It’s black and works great to give eyelashes a little boost. Super volumizing and dramatic it is not, but it will lend itself to easy eye looks. It stays all day without clumping or flaking, and comes off easily with water, which is NOT something any of my great-staying mascaras can boast.
These products will be making their way into my purse for easy makeup looks, since it really IS all you need (besides maybe a little foundation or BB cream- and if you’re looking for BB reviews keep your eye out in the next while on my blog, I’m reviewing some great ones.) 
Have you tried or won any of these great products? Check ’em out and send Beauty For Real some Facebook love.

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1 Comment on Beauty For Real’s Pinkini & Beauty Bags for Summer!

  1. MsKimiKiwi
    April 4, 2013 at 6:26 am (4 years ago)

    When I saw this new shade I fell in love! Looks gorgeous 🙂


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