I’ve done reviews for Beauty Addicts before on their luminizers, and on some of their lipsticks and mascara. This time around they supplied me with mascara, lipstick, lip gloss, and two eyeshadows from their new Play Collection. How did they measure up?

Play eyeshadows in Eye Candy (L) and Yacht Club (R)

Eye Candy, Yacht Club
I found these eyeshadows to be creamy and buttery soft, and very pigmented. My favorite is Eye Candy, which reminds me VERY much of Urban Decay Sin. I mean, in the picture below can you tell the difference at all?

I *think* the top swatch is Urban Decay Sin and the bottom swatch is Eye Candy by Beauty Addicts. I swatched this and forgot myself because they are so similar. In any case, I love these eyeshadows because the colors are so vibrant AND because I love the packaging. You can see into the eye shadow shade without taking the lid off. Love that.

In the Buff is a great nude lipstick but looked a little off with my coloring. I think it would be prettier on people who were a little bit darker than my complexion. It matched a little bit too closely to my skin tone to be flattering on me. 

Addict lip gloss is a gorgeous orangey/coral/gold lip gloss and is the perfect addition to my makeup collection, as I have nothing like it. You can see in the bottom swatch that it has a bit of gold and silver shimmer mixed in with the gorgeous gloss. It will be the perfect addition to my makeup bag for Spring looks! Beauty Addicts is a really fun indie brand, and if you haven’t already, I suggest checking them out!
In The Buff, Addict
Have you checked out anything by Beauty Addicts? I will be reviewing a Dry Shampoo by New York Streets next!

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