Want to pamper yourself in honor of Valentine’s Day? Check out a few mini reviews on products that are meant to help you relax or make your life a little easier! Enjoy, and please mention your favorite product line for relaxation and pampering in the comment section below.
Check out Celtic Complexion if you want to give your skin some lovin’. A friend of mine recently tried their Love Your Skin Travel Kit for reviewing purposes. It retails for $50 + shipping. With code “love” receive 30% off through Feb. 14th if you are interested in picking one up for yourself.
What makes Celtic Complexion so special? 
Organic, Non-GMO ingredients
Synthetic fragrance-free
Toxic Chemical-free
Celtic Complexion products are not mass produced, rather made in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Products are hand poured and nothing is outsourced- it’s a family business that does everything themselves. Judging by their website, they seem to have quite the following of people who swear by their products.
So what were these products like?
If you grab up the Love Your Skin Travel Kit, you will get to try a wide array of products. The kit includes:

.5 oz. of Celtic Complexion Cream, 1 dram of Youth Infusion 7 High Potency Serum, 1 dram of Calming Serum, mini rollerball Eye Elixir and 1 oz. of Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 22 for Sensitive Skin

While these products didn’t totally cure my friends’ dry skin, they are great for those who like potent natural fragrances (shea butter in this one), and may help those with mildly dry skin. The packaging is gorgeous and obviously very well thought out. Take advantage of the coupon code above if you want to test these for yourself!
Lorac’s Touch Up To Go Pen is sure to make your life a little easier when you’re on the go. Available in 12 colors, it’s travel friendly, and the two in one formula conceals and covers imperfections for a long-wearing natural finish. It provides medium coverage and is suitable for all skin types. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these, as I’m always looking for something that actually works and can help conceal my under eye circles and breakouts. I love my Benefit’s Erase Paste, but it’s not all that travel friendly since I have to put my finger in it to get any out.
The recent nail art craze has everyone thinking about nail polish this year. I haven’t worn nail polish on my fingers since middle school, until the nail art trend. I’ve always had my little piggies painted, but lately, I’m self conscious of my fingernails and have been making an effort to have them painted. I’ve done reviews for LCN before, and they have great nail polish. This bold bordeaux shade is called Midnight Rendezvous and is perfect for V-day if you want to go vampy-style. Plus, it’s 3 free.


It’s no secret how much I love Beauty For Real’s light up lip gloss. I own almost every shade! Why do I love it? It has a mirror on the side, and a button on the cap that you can press to make the wand light up. It is by far my favorite lip gloss for its crazy awesome technology, and for how tingly good it makes my lips feel. It’s perfect for V-day, you better believe it. Want an awesome deal on it?
Use code JUSTINA at checkout for $10 off anything on their site. ANYTHING! I recommend their light up lip gloss in Deeply in Love (my favorite shade)
Or, try to win some of this gloss in the shade Kiss Me, at this giveaway.
I’ve got your skincare covered, your purse friendly touch up pen, awesome vampy nails, and a pretty pucker. What more does a girl need on Valentine’s Day? I hope you have a snuggly puppy, a date, or a cute little baby to snuggle like I will on Thursday- lucky for me I have all 3 for my date! 

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