For all of you football fans that tuned in during the Super Bowl game, you may have seen Beyoncé perform at the half time show. She is one great looking woman, in part because of her awesome hair. A company I’ve been working with, HairUWear, gives us many options for extensions and other hair pieces that can help us achieve awesome bouncy waves, a full ponytail, beachy styles, and more. You can even pull off bangs without chopping some of your own. I will show you some of their great options that can be used to achieve looks like Destiny’s Child (above) and in the privacy of your own bathroom!

Beyoncé’s Bouncy Waves: Hairdo by HairUWear’s 23 Inch Wavy Clip-In Extensions give your hair just the right amount of bombshell that wows – on or off the stage. Short hair transforms into luxurious below the shoulder length and long hair becomes thick and full. ($99.)
Kelly’s Bangin’ Bangs: To create this look at home without a commitment, clip your way to a fabulous fringe with Hairdo by HairUWear’s Clip-In Bangs. This effortless bang is already styled—just clip it in and go for an instant hair transformation. ($29.)

Michelle’s Luscious Long Locks: Hairdo by HairUWear’s 22 Inch Straight Extension create a super-sleek style that’s chic and effortless – and now you can get the look without flat ironing for hours on end. ($99.)
The one I thought was perfect for my own personal use was HairUWear’s straight ponytail. They have a beachy one too, but I wear my hair straight the most often so this is the most fitting option for me. Why do I love it? It’s easy to velcro around my ponytail and as you can see, I get a pretty long pony that goes around my shoulder even when I wear it up high. I love a high pony, but I hate a short and stubby pony. This is a great, and easy look for me!

And yes, I ombre’d it red in honor of Valentine’s Day, an up and coming holiday that I think these are perfect for. Pick one up at Ulta or so you have one in time for your date night!

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