Biobliss is a company noted for skincare that is noninvasive but delivers the same results as Botox. Of course I wanted to try it! This forehead treatment patch came in a pack of one and runs $25 each for a result that is said to be worth $200-300 by leading dermatologists. Of course, I was skeptical given that the price tag of $25 is still rather high for a skin treatment that is to be used one time. They also suggest to use one weekly.
The Biobliss patch can be worn for 30 minutes or up to 12 hours. I opted to wear it for about an hour. I’m not sure if the results are more intense if you wear it longer. There are patches available for under the eyes and crows feet also. When I first took it out of its package, I wasn’t sure what it would be like- sticky, wet, greasy? None of the above. There was a sort of smell to the product, but I believe it was a scent carried by the canvas-y material of the patch itself, not the ingredients found within the treatment side. 
I had thought about sleeping with the patch on, but opted not to because I wasn’t sure if it would slide off my face and leave a mess in my sheets, or if it would be uncomfortable. It basically felt like wearing a giant canvas patch sticker on my forehead. There was no weirdness and I could have gone about my day wearing this without it peeling back or bothering me. There are “microcurrents” which is basically something that an esthetician uses to deliver ingredients deeper into the skin. Heard of the birth control patch or the nicotine patch? They use a similar technology.
After my hour with the Biobliss, I removed the patch. There was no film left over afterwards at all. I thought there would be something to wash off, but there wasn’t. I felt the part that had been adhered to my skin, and it was this type of slightly gooey thing that you could leave fingerprints in. Anyways, after I was done putting my fingerprints all over the inside of the patch, I took a look at my forehead. Can you say, WHOA?! I’m not sure if the picture depicts how amazing my results really were. In our quest for anti-aging, I feel like most of us keep trying things expecting amazing results, and most products end up being “just ok” but nothing that fantastic. I can honestly say my results were insane with this patch. My forehead fine lines are just starting to form, and I’m trying desperately to keep them at bay. After using the patch, my forehead wrinkles had disappeared into the rest of the surrounding skin. My fine lines are minimal, but they were definitely taken down a notch with the use of this patch. 
Another thing I should note: my skin felt stronger where the patch was. I was kind of mesmerized by my fine lines being gone, so I started pushing at my skin there, and I realized that it had really firmed up, even on the inside. It is a pretty miraculous technology!
Unfortunately, the results only lasted about 1-2 days on me. My fine lines are back, and I am bummed! But I know now that there is something to temporarily fix them. I was pretty amazed by the results of this patch despite the fact that I have very few fine lines, and I used it once. I would be very curious of the results of an older woman using this. 
Has anyone ever tried something like this? I would love to hear your experiences!
*This product was provided by the company for review, but the opinions are honest and my own.

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