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I’ve been testing out Josie Maran’s Argan Infinity Cream for a couple months now and I finally feel confident writing a review about it. This is a high quality product that I recommend to anyone with dry skin problems during the winter. This time of year this is the perfect type of product for my skin, but during the summer this would be a nightmare. Really know your skin and take the time to “listen” – I know it sounds crazy. Here’s what I mean though- don’t always reach for the exact same cleanser and moisturizer unless your skin never fluctuates. I have combination skin, so I always keep a foaming cleanser that zaps oil and a creamy cleanser that adds moisture both on hand. I have different types of moisturizers for my different skin days too.
Josie Maran describes this product as a 99%-natural creamy oil with an infinite number of uses such as hydrating skin, conditioning lips, and illuminating complexion. This is all the benefits of argan oil in a portable, nongreasy, creamy oil form. It starts as a cream and melts into an oil. Use it to hydrate and gently soothe undereyes, smooth flyaways, keep eyebrows in place, and condition lips. They also mention you can combine powder makeup with it to transform it to a cream.
While I don’t see myself using this for makeup application use, I do really love this product for everything else. It really melts into my skin and gives me a ton of moisture and hydration that I am lacking right now. It doesn’t go very far- it immediately goes from a thick cream to an oil when I apply it but I have to put a lot on to get it to go over the span of my face. I have been using this at night only, and on my face only, because it takes a while to really sink into my skin. I think you could use it during the day too because it has luminizing properties, but I don’t like putting oil on my face when I’m about to apply makeup- it just doesn’t go on the way I like it to.
I would highly recommend getting a tube of this- I’m sure it will last you through the winter and beyond. For $28 it may seem a little steep but even with putting more than I may need to on my face daily, I’ve hardly made a dent in the tube. I was using something else for reviewing purposes on my hands and cuticles, but I’m going to try it there next. If anything remarkable happens, I’ll be sure to let you all know!

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