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I have been testing out this Jason Aloe Vera gel lately and wanted to share my thoughts with you all. I am always on the search for a high quality aloe vera because we tend to use it in the summer for sunburns all the time. The kinds that are high in alcohol content really make a sunburn worse, so the more organic and natural the aloe vera, the better in my book. Aloe vera is good for sunburns, but it’s also good in the winter for really dry skin.

This particular aloe gel has pure aloe vera in a 98% concentration. It’s non oily and also contains allantoin and azulene for soothing. The directions indicate that it would work well as a daily moisturizer for the entire body, and especially after shaving.

So where have I used it? My hands are dry and cracking from the cold, so I have been using this every day after I wash my hands to help heal the dryness. I also used it on my nose last night before bed, because I’m getting sick and my nose is chapped from all the nose blowing I’ve been doing around here. When I woke up this morning, the redness is gone and my nose had healed up pretty well. My hands are still a work in progress.

I would definitely recommend this moisturizing gel. You can really tell there is a ton of aloe in here because it’s a little bit sticky until it dries, which is exactly how it applies when you’re using it straight from the plant. I like this a lot and will continue to use it to help heal my dry skin around my nose and my hands! I’ll do another review this summer when I inevitably get a sunburn and let you all know how it works then!
I see this frequently at health stores and Target. Have you tried the Jason brand?

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