I am absolutely in love with a new Essie product called “Sleek Stick” UV cured nail appliques. Why do I love them? They are stickers for my nails that actually stay on, and they have awesome textures to them. I can’t get over how easy these are to use and how great they made my nails look!

I have close up pictures of all the different styles of nail appliques there are- but first I will show you “steel the show” which is the first kind I tried!

These were so easy to use I couldn’t believe it. They came with all the necessary tools. Simply put the sticker backing on your nail, press down (the adhesive is quite strong) and file off the excess. I couldn’t believe these actually worked and stuck to my nails because I’ve tried competing brands’ version of nail appliques and they just weren’t very good. These were awesome.
What was so awesome about them:
  • They were easy enough to use that I was able to apply these while watching tv and holding my four month old daughter.
  • The adhesive is strong, so the texture/design starts wearing off before the adhesive peels back. Unless you apply them poorly, the adhesive won’t peel back.
  • I am really hard on my nails and I didn’t even get minor tip wear until the third day of wear.
  • There was a lot of nail sticker left over (I have short nails) and I think you could do some funky stuff with the leftovers. If you had a hole puncher, you could make polka dots for future nail art projects out of the leftover sticker scraps.
  • These are a fantastic option for those of us who are not nail art savvy but have an appreciation for funky patterns and textures.
  • UV cured makes them thicker than your average nail sticker.
What was meh:
  • This particular color is a silvery shade. I was cooking indian food that had tahini and it stained the stickers so some of them looked gold-ish. I was able to scrub most of it off but a few of them remained stained. In the stickers’ defense, my sink was pretty stained too. Even after scrubbing at my nails with Dawn dish soap, the texture remained though!

These can very easily be taken off with Essie’s cuticle oil, which is another new product by Essie. My company contact told me you could use warm water also. I’ve been using this when I wake up and when I go to bed, even when I’m not wearing the Sleek Sticks, and it’s been working really well to soften my cuticles. It also has the pleasant scent of apricot! 
Here are the rest of the gorgeous colors/patterns in the collection:
In short, I would absolutely recommend these. I would buy these in a heartbeat for daily use, or for special occasions. I think these will especially be a hit for those people who get funky nail art done in an expensive salon. The fact that these are UV cured make them a little thicker than the average nail sticker and they feel high quality. 
Have you picked these up yet? Which pattern are you the most excited about?

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  1. Jeannie
    January 28, 2013 at 6:31 am (5 years ago)

    These are all so cute!


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