When I was home for the holidays, I had my mom test out Dr. Denese’s skincare for me! Below are her thoughts:

15 Day Skin Science Booster Program

This is a two step program consisting of a step 1 phase lasting five days and step 2 lasting ten days that is to be used just a few times a year to improve skin quality.  All 15 days are proportioned in individual tubes with just enough for each application to the face and neck.

Step 1 uses retinol technology to soften lines and wrinkles, retexturize skin and improve its tone, firmness and elasticity.  It went on like a thick oil.  It soaked in immediately and did not feel heavy, greasy or sticky.  In fact my skin felt incredibly soft and I think looks healthier.  I have sensitive skin that is normal to dry.  I had no issues with breakouts, itching or redness with this product which is typical for me, especially with a retinol based product.  It did not, however have any noticeable affect on my dry patches.

Step 2 is supposed to firm and tighten skin.  This is more of a lotion.  It did not soak in as evenly as Step 1 and left my skin feeling sticky for about 15 minutes.  But as this is to be used at night it was not an issue.  This lotion did appear to improve my dry patches somewhat.

Bottom line…would I try it again?  Yes.

Hydroshield Eye Emulsion

This is the largest container of eye cream I have ever seen.  It is can be used day or night and with such a large amount I would definitely use it both in the morning and before bed.  I am a big believer in using eye cream so I use a lot of it anyway, but I think this product is as good as any I have tried previously.  It has almost a cooling affect going on (it is a creamy gel) and left my skin soft and smooth.

Has anyone here ever tried Dr. Denese products?

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