I’ve heard so much CARGO and have not tried it before now, I’m very excited to share with you three products that I got the chance to try! From the little I know about CARGO, their big deal items are the blu_ray collection, and their powders and bronzers are supposed to be out of this world. Today, I have an eyeshadow palette, a lip gloss, and a high definition mattifier. I hope you enjoy the review as much as I enjoyed the products!

Shanghai Palette, $30
As you can see above in the first picture, the packaging of this palette is pretty fancy shmancy, and on the inside, the colors are enormous. The palette here is called Shanghai and there are many different palettes on their website that are named after different countries. All of the palettes have the most gorgeous packaging! I will love toting this in my purse. 
According to the company, the Color Palette (what this Shanghai collection is from) were created to be used alone or work as part of a system with your choice of Essential Palette. The essential palettes are their basic “LBD” palettes (Bronze, Cool Neutral, Dark Neutral, Smokey Grey, and Warm Neutral). I love the way the explain that the Essential Palettes are the little black dress of eye makeup and the Color Palettes are your eye-popping jewels. 
The Shanghai Palette is not the brightest and boldest of the palettes, but I think the colors are quite easy to wear. The darkest shade in the bunch is not dark enough for me to get a ton of definition in the crease, but I could see wearing all four of these shades individually. They are great for everyday, easy looks!

The blu_ray High Definition Mattifier is $28 and is a does-everything product. It is pore-refining, line-minimizing, and conditioning. You can either apply it under makeup as a primer (as I did here) or apply it over your makeup throughout the day to control shine and keep pores minimized. Using it that way is a good way to avoid having messy powder in your purse! A bit plus is that it’s oil free. The biggest shocker to me with this is it comes out of the tube a pretty dark brown color, however, it applies completely clear.
I’m going through a skin purging stage right now since I just started using my Clarisonic (review on that another time) so my skin isn’t the most gorgeous and beautiful it could be here, but I do think it made a nice difference to my pores. 
The lip gloss shown in these pictures is a gorgeous color called Tokyo. I would describe it as an electric coral shade. The lip glosses in their line are new, and there are 14 of them, each for $14. The shade Tokyo doesn’t have any shimmer, but is very glossy. It is quite moisturizing as well as being very long lasting. You could wear it as a gloss over lipstick, but there’s really no need to use anything besides just this gloss because it is so pigmented. 
Tokyo, $14

After wearing it for several hours, eating, and drinking, I expected all traces of this to be long gone. Instead, I was left with a nice stain on my lips. I like that once the gloss is gone, the color still remains. It wore off pretty evenly and I didn’t have a ring around my mouth with no color on the inside, which looks nasty. 
Wearing this after several hours, and after eating and drinking. Not bad!

I’m glad I got the chance to try these products out. Have you ever tried CARGO? What’s the next product I should look into?
These products were provided by PR for review, but the opinions represented are honest and my own.

3 Comments on CARGO Cosmetics {review}

  1. Jessica InTruBeauty
    January 17, 2013 at 5:46 am (5 years ago)

    Pretty! ! Love the lip color. I especially love the first picture of you. So gorgeous.

  2. Justina Gemignani
    January 17, 2013 at 6:49 am (5 years ago)

    Thank you! You would love their lip gloss. It was my favorite product to try!

  3. yousoldtheworld
    January 17, 2013 at 11:08 am (5 years ago)

    I love Cargo! I have five of the shadow quads and I adore them. And their colorsticks are great, too!


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