I have been testing out the coolest product, and I couldn’t wait to share it with everyone here!  I’ve tried it 3 times now over the span of 3 weeks, and feel that I’ve gotten to know the product well enough to give an accurate assessment.  Have you ever gotten a microdermabrasion treatment done in a spa or at the doctor’s office?  Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to do this for yourself at home!
This is kind of a freaky looking device, but not so bad if you read the directions. And believe me, you’ll want to read the directions and watch the DVD that comes with it.  I heard only good things about it online, except for a couple people who were too impatient to use it right and watch the DVD, and those few did some serious damage to their skin. That said, it’s not hard to use at all, and any time you are making contact with your face and any moving object or tool, why you would bypass the instructions blows my mind.
The PMD retails at $179.  That’s a high price tag, but if you think about it, getting those types of treatments in a doctor’s office or spa costs at least that much, if not more.  With the PMD system, you are paying that fee one time, rather than each time you go to get the treatment.  When you think about it that way, it doesn’t seem so expensive.  
Using the device is very simple.  Start the process after makeup removal and on dry skin:

First, use the training disc that comes in the system. This is the white disc that is the least abrasive compared to the other discs.  Before starting, try it on your arm or on the side of your neck first.  The sucking motion may startle you, but it’s best not to be startled when it’s on your face, so use a test area of skin first!

Next, use a free hand to pull the skin tight in the treatment area.  While skin is pulled tight, move the PMD system in an upward motion across the skin, taking care to run over each area of skin no more than 2 times.  Even if you feel like you could do more, don’t, because sometimes the area doesn’t feel tender until afterwards and you don’t want to irritate it.  

Lastly, use a toner and a moisturizer.  Your skin will recover during the down time between treatments (6-7 days) and in the meantime be sure to wear a sunscreen and avoid harsh products such as those with retinol.  

I was so excited to use this product!  I used the training disc the first session, and switched to a blue disc for my next session.  You can decide which disc is the right fit for you based upon your skin type.  The small discs are for the face, and the larger ones are for the body.  I don’t foresee using this on my body, but you never know!  There is also a clear cap on the PMD system, and an additional replacement cap in the box.  It’s nice to have a backup should the first one crack or break.  If you are using the machine properly, it’s sturdy enough that it’s unlikely that would happen.

I really liked using this and I’m sure I will continue to use this past my trial period to write this review.  Going over my skin with the tool felt kind of strange, but I could definitely feel the little aluminum oxide crystals exfoliating my skin with each pass.  They recommend to replace the disc every 2-4 treatments, since the grit does wear off with repeated use. I used the training disc for 2 different sessions, and definitely noticed the grit wearing off, but there wasn’t much on there to begin with.  I think the other discs could easily be stretched out for 4 treatments!

Dermatologists, aestheticians, and patients all report that microdermabrasion brings dramatic improvements to skin texture, pore size, hyperpigmentation, age spots, moisture retention, and product absorption.  I personally noticed a dramatic difference in my moisture retention, pore size, skin texture, and product absorption.

As a product tester, I am always trying new products that have wild claims of drastically changing my appearance in one way or another.  Something that stands out to me about the PMD is the ability to slough off some layers of dead skin and have the smooth baby-like skin underneath all ready to absorb any products.  I’ve noticed that my face wash seems to be doing a better job of cleansing my skin because it can actually penetrate my pores rather than float over top of a layer of dead, dry skin.  I’ve also noticed that my glycolic peel and my hydrating moisturizer are seeming to work their magic better than before.  I also lend those results to the PMD working wonders!  My pores look smaller, and as a result my foundation doesn’t settle into my skin and make my pores look huge and gross.  In general, I’ve been seeing some really great skin days!

This product, while expensive, is a total win in my book.  The initial investment is a big one, but the payoff is pretty great as well.  You get several discs in the package, but the replacement ones are pretty affordable online, so it’s still just the initial investment that’s the kicker.  If you are into pampering yourself, or simply want your current skincare regimen to seem more effective, this is a great option for you.

Check out PMD online!

Just an FYI- if you are reading this post in December 2012- they are doing 12 days of giveaways on their facebook page, giving away one PMD to a fan every day through December 12, 2012.  If you are reading this after December 2012, I would think it’s still worth liking them on facebook, because if they’ve done a contest like that before, it’s bound to happen again 🙂  

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