November Favorites

MOX lip care

Better late than never!  These are a few of my favorites items from the month of November…items I couldn’t live without and used on the daily!

Mox Botanicals lip butter is the shizz!  I got a little tub of the pomegranate & fig kind in my Birchbox.  Normally, lip products are a dime a dozen, but this one has been my saving grace lately.  I keep it on me at all times and apply it at night before bed and it’s already half gone! I couldn’t imagine life without it so I bought their sample box which retails at $9, or $12 with shipping.  It has lip butters and solid perfumes…can’t wait to sniff them!

Speaking of solid perfumes, Amber Absolute by the Soap & Paper Factory has totally been in my pocket daily too.  It is such a yummy smell and SO portable.  I am traveling in a plane for Christmas (6 flights total, yikes) so I will be bringing some solid perfumes back with me.  I love that I can take them in my carry on. Even when not traveling, they are a perfect tiny size.

I mislabeled these above, but Buxom Time to Shine lip glosses are in Sephora stores right now and you should go pick them up!  They are $29 for 6 lip glosses, so around $5 each.  Can’t beat it.  My favorite shades are White Russian (the perfect nude) and Berry Blast (a bright fuchsia).  I have gotten compliments each time I’ve worn Berry Blast, it’s THAT good.

In November, my favorite eye shadow look was SIMPLE.  I wore Benefit’s “get figgy” creaseless cream shadow, which I am totally in love with, over my whole lid.  I stuck my finger in L’Oreal’s infallible eye shadow in “amber rush” and dotted it just over the center of my eyelid, right above my pupils.  This really brightened up my eye area and made my eye shade look more complex with barely any effort.

What were some of your favorite November products?  I can’t wait to tell you about my December picks…I have a few things I’m already loving this month and will report to you in January, the new year!!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. mousewings
    December 11, 2012 at 6:30 am (5 years ago)

    The benefit cream eyeshadow packaging is adorable. I love birds.

    Mox Botanicals’s products sound good, especially the lip butters.

    My favourite product for November was the Twilight Shower Gel from Lush. I used up my medium-sized bottle very quickly.


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