I recently had the chance to test out a brand new company’s products- My Cotton Bunny.  It is a monthly subscription service similar to Birchbox, Ipsy, Glossybox, and other beauty and lifestyle services.  For $13.75 a month, you will have a box sent to you in the mail with various feminine products.

This month’s box included a box of tampons, an American Apparel tank top, and a square of chocolate.  I was impressed by how quickly I received my box in the mail!  After the ordering process, I had the box in my possession by the end of the next business day.  This might be because I live in Washington, and the company shipped it from California.  But no matter where you live, you are promised that the box will be shipped out within two business days.

What were my thoughts on the box?
First, there’s always a risk associated with sending clothes in the mail.  I thought the black tank top was very cute with the little bunny logo on the bottom.  It’s from a nice brand, American Apparel and the material seems high quality.  The little logo was fading off in some places but that doesn’t bother me- I would only ever wear a skin tight tank top underneath an outfit so the logo will never show.  The only problem I see is the fact that they didn’t ask me what size I wanted.  I ended up with a size large, which is fine for me, but I would’ve been annoyed if I I was not that size and it didn’t fit.
The chocolate was a great touch to the box.  I thought it went along well with the theme of periods, and PMS, or for me just a delicious every day treat!  I love chocolate so I loved receiving this.  The flavor was Daboga’s Lavender Blueberry dark chocolate and was delicious!  If I could change anything about it, I would rather have had a whole bar than a tiny piece.
The tampons were an 18 pack of super strength U by Kotex.  I’ve never hear of this actual type of tampon, but I love Kotex so I’m sure they’ll work fine.  It’s nice to have an extra box around the house!  I just had a baby, so it will be nice to not have to remember to buy tampons next time I go to the store.  They haven’t exactly been on my grocery list in a while!
Everywhere I searched for the tampons online, they were around $5 or less.  A similar style of black tank top at American Apparel’s website was $10.  I’m not sure of the value of a single square of the chocolate- 50 cents?
I’ll be curious to see what this brand does in the future.  It was a nice box.  For $13.75 I didn’t find it to be a super incredible value, but this is only the first box.  It would be nice to see what they branch out and do in the future.  I’d like to see the inclusion of more chocolate and sweets, maybe a free redbox rental, some hot tea, a water bottle…all things I could put to use during that time of the month.
I could see this service really appealing to teenagers who have just gotten their period and want to get something fun in the mail.  The whole idea of not having to go to the store for my tampons doesn’t really phase me. It’s nice to get an extra box of goodies in the mail, but 18 tampons won’t last me a whole period, and I don’t mind buying them myself at the store.
I do think this would make a really cute gift idea for a high school girl!  Has anyone else heard of this subscription service?  What do you think?

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  1. Tori
    December 7, 2012 at 6:37 pm (5 years ago)

    I’m actually subscribing to them because I hate shopping for feminine products at the store (I don’t know why, but I hate it with a passion)so I’m really excited to get my first box in!


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