This is a new product that is super cool and fun!  I had a blast reviewing these and I was able to use these on some models I did an event for for a local magazine.  I can’t wait to show you these in action!
For reviewing purposes, I received all 5 colors of these in the mail from Anastasia. They retail at $12.50 each and the colors are called 
In the Pink
Teal Tornado
Mega Watt Green
Ultra Violet
Electric Blue
The color can be used for the brows or the hair.  I prefer using it in my hair to my brows, but to each their own!  The website gives the following instructions for applying this color to your hair:

1. Prep hair with a light application of glossing cream, styling wax, or leave-in conditioner.

2. Separate your hair into sections and apply color by sandwiching your hair in between your fingers or a cosmetic sponge and the HYPERCOLOR BROW & HAIR POWDER compact, gliding the color on. We recommend using gloves and a towel around your shoulders to avoid color transferring onto your hands or clothing.

3. Set with hairspray, spraying 10-12 inches away from your colored hair and misting lightly.

4. To remove, shampoo 1-2 times.

When I was using it, I found it worked best on hair that was a bit dirty or texturized with dry shampoo.  I didn’t have a cosmetic sponge handy so I simply used a cotton ball.  I also didn’t wear gloves but found that it washed off easily with soap and water.  Hair spray does help set it so I would definitely recommend doing that.  

Another tip I found useful was when sliding the hair down the chalk or “sandwiching” it between your fingers and the cosmetic sponge, slide it once with the sponge on top, and slide it again with the sponge on bottom (and hair chalk facing the opposite way).  This way, both sides of the hair strand get colored.  
There is quite a lot of fall out so you will want to be sure to put a towel over your shoulders when using this. I also recommend to wear dark colors or a patterned top just in case a little bit does fall off onto your outfit, so it doesn’t look quite so obvious.  
(Disregard the caption- voting is now over for the contest these pictures were a part of)
Janelle is wearing Teal Tornado
(Disregard the caption- voting is now over for the contest these pictures were a part of)
Rita is wearing Electric Blue and Ultra Violet
Which of the colors is your favorite?  I’m partial to the purple since purple’s my favorite color.  I love these and I can’t wait to play with the colors even more!!
Thanks for reading!  Please leave a comment below.

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  1. AprilMac
    January 2, 2013 at 10:51 pm (5 years ago)

    I love the purple!!! Very cool


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