I have the grossest feet in the world, hands down.  They are so nasty even my husband talks about them.  They are like sandpaper.  I put my feet up on my husband’s lap the other day and they snagged on his shirt.  At this point, I felt like my feet really needed an intervention!  I’ve been looking for the right cure to my gross, dead foot skin for a while now.  
I had attended a butter London event, and I learned that they have a product called Rock Off Glycolic Callus Peel that I’ve been dying to try, but it’s $30.  I like pretty feet, but I like my money a little more and that’s too steep for me.  Instead, I went to my friendly neighborhood Walgreens to look for the right product for me.  I can’t believe how many selections they had- I had my choice between about 15 different foot files, callus scrapers, pumice stones, etc.  not to mention foot lotions galore.  The name Tweezerman stuck out to me on the shelf, because Jessica and I are ambassadors for their company.  I’ve loved everything from their company that I have tried so far, so I thought I’d give this baby a shot.  It’s called Tweezerman Safety Slide Callus Shaver/Rasp, and HERE is the link to it on the Tweezerman website.
On their website, it’s listed at $12 but I paid around $15 for this in store.  So far, I’m super impressed with it.  If you read more on their website, you will find that you can use the safety slide to conceal the sharp razor so you don’t hurt yourself.  You can also read about how to use this tool to safely cut off dead skin from your feet.  I’ve only had this for a few days, but so far, so good.  If I run into a problem, Tweezerman’s policy is to replace or sharpen any blades on their product for the life of the product.  It’s pretty awesome, considering I don’t know any other company who offers that.  
The button to the right of the cheese grater looking thing is the button to the safety slide.  If you press it down, the plastic sheath that the blade is in will come down to reveal the blade.  

This is the razor blade.  Be careful to read the instructions before you play with this or you could cut yourself pretty badly!

Other side of the blade.
In the future, I plan to take better care of my feet in general so I don’t snag them on things anymore.  Here are a few things that I KNOW work to keep my peds perfect:
  • My mom keeps a pumice stone in her shower and uses it on her feet every time she showers.  She has super soft feet, and a pumice stone is only about $1.  Easy, cheap maintenance.
  • Going outside barefoot= bad.  I’m pretty sure this is why my feet get so gnarly to begin with.  If you are walking on concrete, even just to get to your mailbox, your feet will rebel like mine have.
  • Use foot scrubs and creams.  My favorite two foot creams are by Kerstin Florian and Mary Kay.  Jessica loves the ones by Freeman Beauty, so I’d probably recommend them the most since they’re the cheapest and the easiest to attain.  (KF I believe is only available online and Mary Kay through a rep, but Freeman can be purchased at Walmart).
  • DIY scrub at home- combine lemon juice and sugar and scrub your feet, rinse them off and apply lotion.
  • Apply foot lotion or vaseline and put on spa socks before bed.  They trap the moisture in by your foot and you will wake up to beautiful feet!

Well, now it’s time I take my own advice and get to work on my feet to make them pretty again!  Let me know what your favorite foot cream or scrub is and if you’ve ever tried a beauty tool to get your feet looking fab!
Yours in Beauty,

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