Hello all! Today I bring to you Smashbox’s Studio Pop Ultimate Palette.  It is one of Smashbox’s holiday gift sets and you can purchase one for $59, although it is worth $300.  Look for this in the weeks to come in my weekly holiday gift guide feature.  I am going to post swatches of these today, and will have some great holiday looks you can look forward to using this palette as well.  There is really something for everyone in this palette, whether you are just starting out with makeup or you love to play.  
There is a magnetic closure on the case.  Everything is shut tight when you close the palette.  
Here are the middle and right side of the palette.  As you can see you get a TON of eye shades (left) and the cheek, cream liner, and lip shades are on the right.  What you are seeing over the top is plastic sheets with all the shades written on them.  They also work to protect the lip shades from leaking everywhere into the eyeshadows.  
The left side of the palette has a huge mirror and what you see on the bottom is one of 8 looks written out for you.  There are several looks shown with a tutorial as well as the shades you can use to achieve them.  It’s pretty rad if you ask me!  If you are brand new to makeup you can have a guideline, or if you need some ideas to mix up your regular makeup routine a little bit you’re bound to find inspiration.

The color combinations are grouped in such a way that you can easily find wearable combinations.
Great mix of matte and shimmer shades to be found!  I also think each row as it goes across has shades that are complementary to each other.
Left-Cheek Shades
Middle- Cream Eye Liner 
Right- Lip Gloss

This is pretty much every shade of eyeshadow you could ever want!  This right here is why this kit is valued at over $300.  Often times when I travel, I find myself taken a palette like the NAKED by Urban Decay, which has a ton of natural colors and some nice dark shades for eyeliner plus a bunch of fun bright colors so I will be able to put more looks together.  With this palette, I don’t think you’d need more shades than what you have.  There are several shades of deep, dark matte colors, light opaque colors, light shimmer, fun bright colors, multifaceted bright colors, etc.  When I travel home for Christmas this will be the only palette I need!  
Top Row:  Champagne, Naked, Birch, Platinum, Cream
Bottom Row:  Peacock, Crisp, Suede, Fig, Ambient
Top Row:  Sumatra, Doe, Obsidian, Rapture, Sienna
Bottom Row:  Sand, Frost, Nectar, Breeze, Snow
Top Row:  Fawn, Frambois, Cinnamon Toast, Lavender, Cement
Middle Row:  Spruce, Aubergine, Roast, Orchid, Harbor
Bottom Row:  Pastel, Opal, Fizz, Bliss, Oyster
Top row:  Anchor, Drizzle, Take Two, Camel, Carnation
Bottom Row:  Ultramarine, Velvet, Blacktop, Pacific, ASAP
Cheek Shades:

I’ve never seen a palette with so many blush options!  They seem as high in quality as the blushes from their line also, which is a bonus because often I feel that even high quality makeup lines will put a bunch of shades in a palette to fill it up that are not the best- lots of fall out, a slightly different formula than their regular 

Passion Blush, Petunia Blush, Sunkissed Matte

Lens Soft Lights, Warm Apricot Blush, Prism Soft Lights
Cream Eye Liners:
These are some really great shades.  I like that there are a standard black, brown, and deep gray, as well as having many more options for fun looks.  How fun would Ivy be as a bottom lash liner paired with a deeper smoky blue look on the lid?  The mini brush that comes in the kit would be perfect for applying these cream liners.
Lip Colors:

These go on with a fairly sheer wash of color but feel very moisturizing and soft on the lips.  Freeze is a  completely sheer sparkle on the lips.  
Love this palette!  Keep your eye out for a brush set review from Smashbox’s Holiday Collection too!

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  1. Jeannie
    November 16, 2012 at 6:41 am (5 years ago)

    Wow that’s a lot of makeup!


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