Today I want to share with you a product called Ultra Keratin Touch!  It’s a 30 Day Brazilian Hair Smoothing System made with green keratin.  Have any of you tried it?  It’s available at your local Walgreens!

The goal of the kit is to smooth frizz, curls, and waves and allow hair to really shine.  The beauty of a kit like this is you can use it with chemically-processed hair and it’s a DIY kit, so you don’t have to drop major money in a salon to get the results you want.  It is also formaldehyde and sodium chloride free- two nasty chemicals you don’t want anywhere near your hair.

Results vary with the use of this kit- very curly hair will become smoother, and naturally straight hair will appear healthier and shinier.  Extremely coarse hair types will see a reduction in frizz and curl.  All hair types will be more manageable and easier to style after the treatment.

I loved the scent of the shampoo in the kit.  I also loved the serum that came with the kit- the tiny squirt bottle top assures that you don’t get too much product out when you squeeze.  The serum doubles as a heat protectant and in my opinion is just the perfect size for 30 days of use.  You can start your next Ultra Keratin Touch treatment after the 30 days is up and your serum is gone.

If you try a treatment like this, be sure to pay close attention to the directions and perform a strand test as directed on the box.  Everyone’s hair reacts differently to products, so even if you’ve read rave reviews of a product, don’t skip out on testing it on a very small patch of your hair before applying to your whole head.  Just think about it like this- when you try a facial product and it gives you a chemical burn or an acne breakout, the longest you are dealing with it before your skin clears up or heals is a week or two.  Your hair could take well over a year to grow out and repair damages.

If you want to check out more products by this company or simply read more about this kit, check out  Also, I hope you enter my giveaway for these products on my right side bar.  If you entered my first nuNAAT giveaway, your entries will be included in this giveaway as well.

nuNAAT is offering a promo through Walgreens for 50% off their Ultra Keratin Touch kit from Dec. 9th-15th, which will be featured on Walgreens’ weekly circular.  Walgreens is also offering any 3 of their naat Brazilian Keratin products for $9.

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