Hello beauties!  Just wanted to share an excellent deal with you for when you are out shopping for holiday deals or if you need to assemble a wish list.  Make Up For Ever is one of my favorite brands, and they have some really great gifts out this year.  Below is a deal that is worth $78 but you can snag for $36.  This limited edition eyeliner set contains 2 full size eyeliners and 4 minis.
photo: sephora.com
The color on these is beyond beautiful.  I like how you get a full size of the black and the brown, and minis of some other fun colors that you can use.  Most people will get more use out of a black and brown so it’s convenient that those are the ones that are full sized.  These eyeliners are smudge proof, water proof, and fade proof.  When I swatched them, I had to use makeup remover to get them off my hand, because they wouldn’t come off with just soap and water.
The back of the box has some great tips, including how to add dimension by lining the inner rim of the eye, or the waterline.  Since these eyeliners are so long wearing, they would work really wel in the waterline.  Most eyeliners don’t do well there because they will smudge off if they get the slightest bit wet, however these are long wearing enough that they won’t budge no matter what! On top of being long wearing, the application is also very creamy and smooth and the intensity of the shades once applied won’t disappoint you!  I can’t count the number of times I’ve bought an eyeliner without trying it on my hand first, thinking “Wow! This color is so intense!” then later realizing that the color payoff is very poor.  That won’t happen with these shades!
The two shades on the left (the matte black and the pearly brown) are the ones that come in a full size.  The dark grey shade would make a great eyeliner shade for a smokey eye look.  I see it working well on the bottom lash line for a softer look.  My go to every day look is to wear a black liner on my top lash line, and I normally either skip lining underneath my eyes, or use a softer color like this grey, so my eye area doesn’t look so harsh.  The purple color is nice because it’s a deep enough shade that it’s almost black, so you can define your eyes with it like you would a black liner but still get to play with a fun color.  The blue shade is intense and fun, and I would use it paired with the black or brown for more definition.  Lastly, the pearly champagne color would make a great liner to highlight the inner corners of your eye area.  There is truly something for every makeup look in this eyeliner set! 
Here are the shades listed as well as the sizes.  These come in a pencil liner form rather than a twist up style that is popular with so many brands these days.  Many would see this as a downfall because you waste product whenever you need to sharpen- however, I actually like pencil products better because if you prefer lining your eyes with a precise tip you are able to get one with every application.  Another good thing about pencil liners is they’re easier to sanitize- if you get an eye infection or pinkeye, rather than tossing your eyeliner you are able to sharpen it to get a fresh tip.  Yet another great thing is they won’t dry out like many twist up products do.
At a price of $36, these end up being $6 each, whereas a full size of any of these shades will cost you $18.  If you are new to the brand it’s a great opportunity to try these products out when the price is right, and equivalent to drug store prices for high end makeup.  If you already love MUFE, you will see this as a good time to pick up some of your favorites at a great deal!  If you’re an average makeup wearer, and not a hoarder like me, these will likely last you for several months before needing to replace them.  
There is really something for everyone in this eyeliner set.  I think the makeup lover on your list would love these!  I know I would love to receive these as a gift for a holiday!
Has anyone else tried MUFE eyeliner before?  What did you think?  I’m curious if anyone will be picking this set up while it’s out (it’s limited edition).  Share in the thoughts below!
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