Every time I look at Taylor Swift, all I can think about is how awesome her hair is.  I mean seriously…doesn’t she have the most beautiful curls?  It looks like naturally curly hair, only much, much better!  I am so jealous.
I have seen this look achieved in two ways- using a clip-less curling iron like in this eleventhgorgeous video, and pictured below…
…and through the use of a straightening iron with a rounded edge like the one pictured below.
Both of these tools can be purchased at http://www.runwaytools.com for a pretty penny.  Personally, I love this look but would be more likely to try and find a bargain.  Have any of you used a clipless curling iron?  I would love to hear some product recommendations!  A clipless curling iron is on my wish list for Christmas this year.

It must be T-Swift’s week because I JUST saw a post go up on my friend’s page reviewing her album.  Check it out here.

Daily gems:
-I’m working on a post on weight loss right now.  I had a milestone at the gym the other night that I want to share with you all!

-I’m reading a book on friendship, called Friendkeeping by Julie Klam and it’s great!  I hope to share some of my favorite snippets with you all when I’m done reading it.

-Lancome’s train case is coming out for the holidays.  It’s $60 with any purchase and they have two color selections.  I always buy both both train cases and then don’t have to buy black or brown eyeliner, or eye makeup remover for a whole year.  It’s a great value!  If you go Friday or Saturday of this week, you get a free cils booster mascara or la base makeup primer with it.  I LOVE their primer.

Stay beautiful!

2 Comments on Heat Tools for Curly Hair

  1. Jessica InTruBeauty
    November 8, 2012 at 9:50 am (5 years ago)

    If only o could get my curls to look like that! I do have a clipless but didnt use much when hair was short and layered. Its still hard to use without burning yourself unless you have long long hair but its also not my specialty

  2. Erica
    November 8, 2012 at 6:46 pm (5 years ago)

    hi hi your blog is amazing 🙂 followed you now 🙂 mind following back? :)http://www.thegirlwiththemujihat.com/ thanks a bunch!!!


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