This product would be a great gift idea for women and men, which rocks because I feel like 90% of what we review is haircare geared towards women and makeup.  Styling wax is something that appeals to men and women and this one has a great scent that I think the man in your life will dig.  So in other words, if you buy some, you may need to hide it with your man if you don’t want to share.
The product claims to weightlessly create texture and volume with medium pliable hold.  I definitely think it stands up to this.  I love the scent, which reminds me of a high end salon.  It’s made from beeswax and candelilla wax.

Justina says: In this picture, I used it on my bangs to add some texture and I loved it!  I have long hair and used it on some of my layers to make them piecey as well and it worked great.  People with short hair would love this too to shape their funky style.  I loved that it left my hair soft but still had a bit of hold.

Jessica says: I have naturally curly hair and although this didn’t necessarily smooth out some of my pesky frizzies, it did allow me to shape my curls quite nicely. I added this throughout my entire head of dry hair. My hair is super soft and my curls look great now!

Good stuff!  Would you try GK WorkIt?  You can check it out on their website here.

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