We were recently given the opportunity to test out some products by Talika company, whom we heard of through Birchbox.  They have some really fabulous products.  Two that we got to try were the Lash Conditioning Cleanser and the Lipocils Expert.  We will fill you in on what we think!  If you want to check out more Talika goodness, check out their website- http://www.talika.com
Lash Conditioning Cleanser– I have really enjoyed using this product because it gets all of mascara off with no leftover residue!  This product can also work as an all-over eye makeup remover, but you will need more than the indicated amount of usage to get all of your eye makeup off with it.  I prefer to use two pumps per set of lashes and I find that it really cleans my lashes off better than a regular makeup remover does.  Normally I have to go over my lashes numerous times and even when it looks like I have it all off, in the morning, I’m still finding myself removing some residue.  Not with this!  I find that it softens and strengthens my lashes.  After 4 days of use I could already feel that my eyelashes felt stronger and I wasn’t shedding ANY during makeup removal.  Perhaps most importantly, I should mention that this is oil-free AND capable of getting rid of waterproof mascara.  If I can find this on sale, this is a definite repurchase for me!

Lipocils Expert- As you can see, this product comes in a mascara-like tube, and the wand has bristles like a mascara brush, and a doe foot applicator.  The formula is clear.  The directions indicate to apply morning and night.  I appreciate the doe foot applicator so I can get the base of my lashes really well without poking my eye out with the wand.  I am a skeptic when it comes to any products that claim to be a miracle growth product for my lashes.  This particular product claims that in 28 days of use (morning AND night) it will increase lash length by 36%, darken by 50%, and increase the curl by 50%.  After 28 days use can be taken down to once per day.  
I am very skeptical of these claims, because I have tried other similar products.  (See this post) Usually, I gain a little bit of thickness in my lashes, but I am highly skeptical that my lashes will actually darken AND curl!  
Just to be sure, I conducted a trial.  It lasted exactly 28 days- from August 30th through September 27th.  I was very careful to apply the product to my lashes EVERY morning and night so I could give you the most honest of reviews.  If this product really does work, I can say it’s definitely a bargain at the price point of $55 and with no side effects.  (Latisse claims you can go blind and it may change your eye color).  Pick it up from the Birchbox shop HERE.
*4 days into my trial I could already tell my lashes were feeling stronger and I was not experiencing shedding during makeup removal or while curling my lashes.  
*6 days into my trial I could tell one of my sets of eyelashes were beginning to curl a little bit.
*8 days into my trial I could tell that my lower lashes were a little fuller.
*12 days into my trial I noticed that the skin on my eyes that was getting the lash gel was a little bit dry, so every other time I used it from here on out I would just use the mascara wand, then the next time I would go back to applying it to the skin where my lid met my lashes again, etc.
*14 days into my trial I noticed that the outer fringe of my eyelashes was LONG!  And my lower lashes look really long too.  It is more evident with mascara than without because the ends of my lashes are still light (my lashes are darker at the root and get lighter towards the tip.)
*16 days into my trial I noticed while applying mascara that my lower lashes have gotten very long and much thicker!  Exciting to see all this progress!!
*As my trial went on, I could tell a more dramatic difference over time in my lashes becoming thicker and longer.  My lower lashes especially seemed to be fuller and thicker!  
BEFORE- August 30th
(Sorry for the slightly blurry picture.  I didn’t realize how poor quality my “before” shot was until after my product review was well on its way!)
AFTER- September 27th
BEFORE- August 30th

AFTER- September 27th

To be completely honest, because my lashes are a little on the lighter side towards the ends, the before/after pictures don’t really do justice to how much improvement my lashes saw from this.  When you see the lashes coated from root to tip with mascara it gives a better indication of how well this worked for me.  Below are a few examples of my mascara’d lashes since the completion of my trial.

The verdict?

With or without mascara, I noticed a major difference with this lash serum.  I have tried several lash enhancement products, and all were pricey and none delivered the results that I saw with this product.  Although $55 is a lot for me personally to spend on a product, I do recognize that it is not a lot to spend on a lash enhancement product, considering the competition to this product is A LOT more than $55.  I can personally tell you that I saw a major difference with this, and once you apply your favorite mascara, the results will only be amplified.  I was extremely impressed with this product and I hope to have the funds for a refill when I run out.
If you are interested in this product and a member of Birchbox, I would suggest trying to use some of your points towards this lash enhancement product.  I always recommend to “like” companies on Facebook also so you can have the heads up if they post any promotional coupons.  
Yours in Beauty,
These products were provided by Talika for review, and I was not compensated.  The opinions represented here are honest and my own.

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