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I recently got to try out a kit from Laura Geller called It’s a SHORE Thing.  Check it out on QVC if you want to learn more- it comes with a lip gloss, eyeliner, and a blush-n-glow.  Today I wanted to focus on just one little piece of the kit- the lip gloss.
The formula is called Lip pops waterproof lip gloss and the color is Sunrise Rose.  It’s a tawny rose pink sort of color.  The size is 0.12 fl. oz, which seems small, because it is- but do you remember the last time you actually got to the bottom of a lip gloss?  0.12 fl. oz is probably plenty of lipgloss, and it’s pocket sized.  Then again, I’m a beauty product junkie and the amount of lip products I have in my bathroom, or even just in my purse, would probably horrify the average person.
I applied this today over top of Laura Geller’s Lip Spackle, which is another great product I love.  The applicator to Sunrise Rose is a tiny short little brush (not doe foot) which allows for an even more precise application.  The color is shiny as you can see in the pictures below, but there is no shimmer.  It’s a very flattering shade and due to the fact that there are no sparkles or shimmer I feel like this shade and formulation could suit a wide age range.  
The lip gloss really stays on throughout the day, especially with the use of the Lip Spackle.  I found the texture of the gloss to be a little tacky, but it wasn’t annoying to me because I felt like it was very long lasting.  I also loved the sweet scent!  There is cottonseed oil and vitamin E which helps to moisturize.  I ate and drank wearing this, and the glossy part wore off but the color remained.  Pretty rad!
Although the kit’s packaging looks summery, I think the whole kit could really be used any time during the year.  My makeup was all Laura Geller in the picture above- I used her spackle primer, tinted moisturizer, balance-n-brighten, and this lipgloss, as well as some of her eye products.  
I’m not sure if the lip pops are available by themselves or just through this kit- I couldn’t tell from her website.  But if you can get your hands on one, or this kit, I highly recommend it!
The kit was provided to me for review, but I wasn’t compensated, and the opinions represented here are my own.  
Yours in Beauty,

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