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Today I wanted to chat about some products that we reviewed from one of our Facebook fans who is a rep for Avon.  She was gracious to send us some cosmetics from the Avon line to check out and share with all of you.  Check her website out HERE and send her some love on Facebook HERE.

If you’ve never tried Avon before, you should know that they are high quality and low prices.  I have always loved their skin care, mascaras, and eyeshadows.  This time around, I got to try some of their lipstick, foundation, and blush.  I was impressed when thumbing through the catalog how easy it is to find a sale on many of these items.

I wanted to do a look with just three Avon products.  I thought about doing more with my eye shadow, but wanted to really showcase the products I was sent.  The only thing I’m wearing besides the products I have listed is my own mascara.

Flawless Ideal Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation in Nude
Smooth Minerals Blush in Blushing Mauve
Slick Tint for lips in Glossy Rose
  • I thought the foundation had great coverage, matched my skin tone exactly, and rivaled some of the high end foundations I own.  I looked it up on Avon’s website and found that it won a SELF’s Healthy Beauty Award for 2012, and it retails at $11 for 1 oz.  I only have enough for a few uses but so far so good.  The way it feels on my skin makes me like it about as well as foundations I have paid $30-40 for.  I highly recommend checking it out!
  • The Smooth Minerals blush in Blushing Mauve is a great color that goes with a variety of makeup looks.  I feel like I could wear this for a natural makeup look or a more dramatic makeup look.  It has the slightest bit of shimmer, which I love, and wears very easily.
  • Slick Tint for lips is a great lip balm and CHEAP!  I love it when I end up liking a product and the price is low enough for me to buy it without having to save up.  The bright pink shade is super cute, but I am not a huge fan of the way it tastes.
Here the three lipsticks I was sent:

Rouge Luxury
Gilded Velvet
Aurora Rose
Wearing: Gilded Velvet
I wanted to show you all the middle shade.  Gilded Velvet, as you can see in my swatches, is a gold shade.  I was really unsure how it would look once it was on my lips, but I’m really digging it.  It doesn’t look on the lips like it did in the swatch- it’s vibrant and I feel like it freshens up my face.  It feels pretty moisturizing on the lips and the color lasts a long time.
If I had to choose my favorite product of the whole bunch, it would be the foundation.  It’s a great value for what feels like a very high end product.  A+ in my book!
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  1. Chasity
    October 23, 2012 at 7:49 pm (5 years ago)

    It’s nice to hear about a quality foundation at a reasonable price. It looks great on you.


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