If you are a devout follower of this blog, you know how much Jessica and I love luminizers.  We are always trying to get our hands on the latest and greatest product to boost our glow.  In fact, a few months ago I did a post where I featured my favorite high end luminizers, by Clinique, Benefit, and RMS.  Check out the post here.
We recently did a post detailing Beauty Addicts products that you can read about here.  Our favorite products of their line were the Show Off mascara and the Glow lipstick line.  One thing I that really intrigued me though, was their luminizer line.  The GlimmerSheers as they call them retail at $28 and I was sent the Express shade.  If you check out the link I posted you can check it out.  I was curious about the other shades and whether the petroleum jelly looking stuff on the right side was a different shade in all the color palettes, so I thought I’d ask for a look!
Left- Motivate
Right- Glow
I thought these cream luminizers were super cool looking.  The pink was reminiscent of High Beam to me, and the purple-y shade is unlike any luminizer I’ve ever seen.  And to answer my question- the colored sheer stuff on the right side of the palettes does in fact apply clear- they must just have a colored pan that gives the effect of it being colored.  

Left- Glow
Right- Motivate
The consistency of these is creamy and reminds me of the texture of my RMS luminizer.  They have a bit of sparkle but not a ton, and are more concentrated than your average luminizer.  The color shows up easily with a quick swipe, rather than having to build it up a lot.  I swatched both sides of both palettes, the right side being the bottom swatch.  It applies clear in the swatch but does catch the light because it’s shiny.  Girls who have oily skin- I would avoid the “sheers” side and focus on the glimmer of the left side of the palette.
I can definitely see myself using Motivate (the pink) to brighten up my complexion.  It is a lot like Benefit’s High Beam but more travel friendly, since it’s in a compact and not in a glass jar.  I would definitely use the Glow side in a more vampy look like is so popular this fall with a purple lip look or a smoky eye.  OR on a day when I do both together, like I did in my recent Rimmel challenge.  Find that look and tutorial here.
Would you use these shades?  Have you heard of Beauty Addicts?
Yours in Beauty,
These products were sent to me by Beauty Addicts for review, and I was not compensated.  The opinions represented here are honest and my own.

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