We recently partnered with Acure Organics to bring you reviews on some of their products.  It was a pleasure to open the packaging on their facial toner, as it comes in a beautiful glass spray bottle.  I love it when I get recyclable packaging with my products because I feel like I can treat my skin AND the environment with respect.
The toner is vegan, and free of sulfates, cruelty, parabens, gluten, PEG, petroleum, phthalates, silcones, and it won’t clog pores.  You are supposed to mist your face 2-3 times with eyes and mouth closed or spray it on a cotton ball and sweep it over the skin.  The organic witch hazel purifies, the organic plant glycerin moisturizes, and the organic rose and rooibos (red tea) soothes, calms, and restores the skin’s natural acid mantle.  
What impressed me most about this product was the incredibly small list of ingredients compared to the incredibly large difference I felt in my skin!  The ingredient list is 6 items long- fair trade certified organic rooibos, organic calendula, organic chamomile, organic witch hazel, organic bulgarian rose water, and organic glycerin.  I feel like the ingredients are so few that I’m tempted to try making my own! (except I’m lazy so no thanks).  
My skin felt very smooth, hydrated, and soft.  I rarely find a product that makes my skin look and feel so nice while it is toning.  Toners are notorious for stripping the skin of natural oils and often times drying the skin out pretty badly.  I found that when I sprayed this on my skin, it was so refreshing, I wanted to spray it everywhere.  The scent of tea and rose were very calming and soothing without being overwhelming.  

Check out the packaging too!  The bottle comes in a glass bottle but the package is so pretty with all the swirly patterns on it.  I love it!
Has anyone else tried out an Acure Organics product?  Let us know if you are considering trying this or any of their products and what you think!
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