Hey ladies!  I believe this month marks my 9th Rimmel Challenge!  I can’t believe there have been so many great challenges already.  This month, I was asked to play up my best feature using Rimmel products and take you through the play by play!  

Black Cab palette
ScandalEyes Lycra Flex mascara
Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in purple
This step by step is going to be really simple!
1.  Apply a silver toned or neutral eye shadow primer to the entire lid area.
2.  Using the lightest shade, the shimmering white shade of the palette, and the sponge tip applicator, apply some of that shade to the brow bone and the inner eye area.  It works as an illuminator!
3.  Mixing the two deeper silver shades, draw a line with the sponge tip right where your eye’s crease is.  If you need to blend, use your finger!  
4.  What better way to play up your best feature than utilizing one of your favorite colors?  My favorite color is purple, so I like to whip out my Rimmel gel eyeliner in purple for the next step.  I also applied some of the black shimmery shade in the palette to the outer v of my eyeliner, rimming about the outer 1/3rd of my eye for some definition.

5.  For a total eye popping look, get out your favorite eyelash curler for the next step.  
6.  Next, apply a mascara that fans out your lashes.  My favorite to use in this case is ScandalEyes Lycra Flex, which totally reminds me of a giant toothbrush!  The wand is enormous and they make my eyes look great!
7.  Lastly, finish off the rest of your look.  If I am doing a strong eye look, I will often do my eyes before I do my foundation or the rest of my face.  That way, if there is any fallout, I can simply wipe it off and get going on the rest of my face.  In this instance, I finished of my look with a dusting of powder and a vampy purple lip that is so in season right now!

Here is my finished look wearing my go to outfit lately- a black tshirt, simple jewelry and a scarf with a pop of color.
How do you play up your favorite feature?  We would love to see a picture, so feel free to post to our facebook wall- http://www.facebook.com/trubeautygems.
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