I am basically in love with the color Pink Flambe.  It is pretty much everything I’ve ever dreamed of- a rosy pink with a kick.  Not quite hot pink, but not subtle by any means.  It reminds me of fancy desserts, flowers, weddings, and everything happy.  And it would make a killer lipstick shade, as Emma Stone shows us below.

In trying to track down the perfect Pink Flambe shade in my arsenal, I found the perfect shade by Revolution Organics.  It’s their Freedom Beauty Balm in the shade Blushed.  I didn’t Polyvore myself but for your viewing pleasure I’ll show you a pic so you can see just how Pink Flambe-ish it looks!  I’m wearing it on my lips and my cheeks!  Stay tuned for a review on this lovely multi-use color stick!

Pantone Fall Color Report 2012- Pink Flambe

Some of my favorite items on the list:
Hard Candy Blush (upper left)- 
These blushes do a fantastic job duping some of Benefit’s boxed blushes for a much lower pricetag.  I have found them to be just as high of quality as any of my other more expensive blushes.  Here is a quickie review we did about their blush on a post of Best Drugstore Buys last winter!  
Juicy Couture- Viva La Juicy Perfume-
Many of us got the Viva La Juicy Le Fleur scent in our August Birchboxes.  Although I loved that scent, it was too sheer for me, so I opted to get the stronger version.  This stuff is so sultry and sweet that I love it, and my 51 year old mom owns a bottle!  Truly for any age.  Oh- and check your local discount stores- TJ Maxx, Ross, even Kohl’s may have it for cheaper than the makeup counter or online.  
RMS Beauty Lip Shime in Sublime-
I have been lusting after this and it even made my August Lust List post.  It is the perfect rosy pink with a little more oomph that is popular right now.  Blushes this season are supposed to be a little deeper and more sultry.  I can’t wait to get my hands on this!
What’s your favorite way to wear Pink Flambe?  We are lucky that this is a super easy color to wear full body or just to accessorize with for ALL skin tones.  I’m lovin’ it!
Yours in Beauty, 

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  1. Jeannie
    September 11, 2012 at 1:46 am (5 years ago)

    I am loving the color report blogs you have been doing! Seeing such a variety of ways to wear the new “in” colors is so much fun. Thank you!


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