Fall Fashion

This is one of my favorite looks lately!  It is sometimes difficult to come up with a fool proof outfit to wear in this weather- some days are still warm and some days are cooling off.  We’re definitely not into jacket territory yet, but we get chilly in just a tshirt.  We still want to wear our summer sandals, but those awesome leather boots are calling our name.  What to do?!

Start with some dark skinny jeans and a plain t shirt.  I love plain tops because they are cheap, and super easy to accessorize!  I love the way this black top looks with a patterned scarf.  Next, pair with an open toe, closed toe, sandal, or whatever footwear you feel like.  Follow with a neutral eye like you can achieve with the Urban Decay Naked Palette, and a bright lip.  My most recent favorite for lips is Clinique’s “red, red, red.”  It is a brighter shade but is blue toned (read- makes your teeth look whiter) and is mega flattering.  And totally can work for fall, winter, spring, summer….any time of year.

A few fun fashion tips:

– Jessica and I both love skinny jeans and jeggings.  Why?  You can cuff them in the summer to make capris, and in the winter you can wear them normally with a boot.  They are so versatile and also quite flattering.  It is a shame many women don’t think they can pull them off- weight should not be an issue when it comes to fashion.  If you are afraid of the dreaded muffin top, simply wear a looser style shirt on top that doesn’t cling in the wrong places!

– We also love accessories!  I am always on the lookout for fun, unique jewelry and funky patterned scarfs.  ALWAYS!  Why?  I can really dress up a plain $5 tshirt with a really unique necklace or a really cool scarf.  Don’t limit where you buy things either.  I have found some really great finds at expensive boutiques, and at the grocery store and get compliments on things from both places. 

– Don’t think you can’t pull off a red lip.  You totally can!  Go to the mall or your local Sephora and test out a bunch of different shades to see which one really fits your personality.  I have many different shades of red for different moods and outfits, from deep wines to brights to sheers. Deeper wine and reddish brown shades are hot for fall.

– Be thrifty and buy an all neutral palette.  Neutral does not equal boring.  We both have some version of the NAKED palette, and for about $50 you can get 12 shades.  There are plenty of shades for smoky looks and plenty for easy neutral day time looks.  It is a great thing to have on hand!

-Dirty pastel nail polish is in. This is a muted pastel polish that looks like its been mixed with in little dirt.    
                                                                Example: Zoya’s Bevin

What are you wearing as we transition to fall?  We’d love to hear some of your fashion tips!

Yours in Beauty,
Justina & Jessica

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