Hey everyone!  I’m totally loving the blogs that Jessica has written. She inspired me to organize my bathroom (and makeup) this week, and in doing so, I rediscovered a lot of my red lipsticks that were laying around.

A lot of people think they have to save red lip colors for when they are going out somewhere fancy, or for night time.  WRONG!  Red lip color (when done properly) totally wakes up your face. I will show you three of my favorites for fall.

Can you guess which is which?  The three brands are NYC, Clinique, and Lancome.

red lipstickL-R: NYC Sheer Red 309Lancome Jezebel, Clinique Dubonet

NYC Sheer Red 309
I love this shade, it is kind of a gloss, but not thick.  It is very versatile and definitely has some kick, but with a neutral eye, it would be great for during the day!

Lancome Jezebel
This shade looks ultra dark and scary in a swatch, but is actually a gorgeous deep red once you put it on.  I love the way this looks with pale skin in the winter and maybe a little bit of a smokey eye.  Beautiful, versatile color that has a bit of gloss in it!  Funny story about this lipstick- I was carrying it in my purse one day, and didn’t think twice about it.  The next day, I saw this awkward little navy and gold thing laying on the ground crushed up next to my car.  It was beloved lipstick! I put it in a baggie and that is where it lives, without its beautiful cap, in my makeup container. Now THAT is love.

Clinique Dubonet
I ran across this color when I asked the lady at the counter for an every day red color that wasn’t too overpowering.  I am loving it!  It has a bit of gloss to it but has more of a matte finish than the other two.  I have really been into this color and have gotten a lot of compliments when wearing it.

Which is your favorite?

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  1. Ange
    June 18, 2014 at 2:29 pm (3 years ago)

    Ahh! jezebel is gorgeous!!


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