2 Natural Fragrances I Love

(The Body Shop) Nothing to Disclose

 (LAVANILA) Press Sample 
Living a natural lifestyle is something that hasn’t always been important to me. Truthfully, I’m not doing all that great of a job living naturally right now either, but hey, a little bit is better than nothing! I had kind of written off natural products as being crap until about a year and a half ago when I started blogging about beauty. Once I started trying out some of the natural options out there, I realized how awesome they are. Many natural/organic options really do measure up to the chemical laden products in terms of effectiveness and staying power.
One place I always try to go natural when possible is with fragrance! I am a nursing mother, and try to be conscious of what I bathe in and spray on myself, as it could end up in my infant daughter’s mouth. I’m not perfect about this every day, but if I remember to spray on a perfume, I try to make it a natural one at least 3/4 of the time. 

2 Natural Fragrances I Love

LAVANILA’s Forever Fragrance Oil in Pure Vanilla has been absolutely wonderful lately. The rollerball fragrance contains a sensual blend of warm Tonks bean, rich Heliotrope and pure Madagascar vanilla bean steeped in the warmth of sweet almond oil. The aroma is a very pure scent of vanilla but also very complex with all the different notes. It is the perfect size for my pocket (about the size of a lipgloss) so I expect to be carrying it with me everywhere this season! Vanilla is the perfect scent for every day, and year round. In fact, Jennifer Love Hewitt was recently quoted that she wears McCormick vanilla extract (the baking kind) instead of perfume! I’ll leave the pure vanilla extract in my kitchen cupboard and take my LAVANILA instead, tyvm!
The Body Shop’s Shea Eau De Toilette has been a recent winner for me too. We just moved and now I have The Body Shop in the same town for once! I’ve only ever been to the airport version before now, so I’m pretty excited to have one nearby. They had a buy 3 get 3 free sale on their products, so I stocked up on hand cream, foot products, and decided to toss in a perfume for one of my free items. I am so thrilled with the fragrance! It is light and slightly nutty but still reminds me vanilla- it’s kind of like vanilla but a little softer and deeper. It’s another perfect fragrance for every day and I’m so glad to have found it.
I’ll be doing reviews on more LAVANILA and The Body Shop products from some recent hauls, so stay tuned. In the comments tell me, what’s your favorite natural perfume?

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