This is a post I really didn’t think I would be writing! I have struggled on and off with post-partum hair loss over the past several years. I have three little girls, aged 5 months, 2 years, and 4 years old. Every time I have had one of my children, I end up losing hair by the handful, for MONTHS. It looks especially straggly around the hair line. In the past, I have used hair powder to build up my hairline and taken other measures to try and get my hair to grow back. It’s something I’ve been really self conscious about. Before having kids, my hair was always something I was really proud of. I’ve always had nice, thick hair that I’ve taken great care of so it was a huge blow to my self esteem to see it falling out and growing back in patchy. 

This time around, I wanted to wait until my hair stopped falling out as much to start something up. As I noticed the hair loss tapering off, I started researching natural hair growth remedies. I have some Viviscal in my closet that I know works, but I’ve been determined to turn towards natural and cleaner remedies whenever possible, so I started my research. I learned that a lot of people have luck with with rosemary oil so I ordered a giant jug of it, along with some glass spray bottles and letter stickers. I took some before pictures of my sad hair loss around my hairline because I’m a nerd and that’s the only way to know how well something is truly working and how much of the good results are just in your head! I started applying the rosemary oil directly to my scalp for a couple of days, then realized that wasn’t going to work for me. I only wash my hair every 3-4 days so applying an oil directly to my scalp is a no-go. It made my hair greasy and I was going to have to figure something else out. 

Around this same time, I had just started using Darshana. I had been looking at trying natural hair care that was safe for color treated hair, and when I stumbled upon the brand Darshana, I knew I had to give it a whirl. This is a three step process that includes shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil. These are made from custom blended Indian Ayurvedic botanicals and they contain 18 amino acids to strengthen the hair and protect it from environmental damage. There are no sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, artificial fragrance, and no animal testing is done with these products. Good stuff, right? Little did I know just how amazing these products would turn out to be for my hair!

It took me a while to get in the groove of how these would work best for me. It’s recommended to use the Natural Indian Hair Oil either overnight as a treatment or 30 minutes before washing your hair. I tried this a few times and ended up preferring to use it after washing my hair and applying it just to the ends and working it slightly up the hair towards the roots. I like that besides smoothing my hair, it’s also a heat protectant.

The shampoo and conditioner smell really pleasant like oranges and worked really well on my hair. I have dry, coarse, thick, color treated hair that tends to frizz and I the shampoo and conditioner ticked all the boxes for me. I was left with smooth, shiny, tangle free hair after using Darshana. I also noticed even after one wash that my hair felt heavier. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of that side effect, but realized over time that it seemed to be plumping up every individual hair strand and making my hair stronger, thicker, and also longer. Another thing I later noticed was that my dandruff has completely gone away. I had been using H & S on and off throughout the winter months and had been casually searching for a natural solution for dandruff. As it turns out, Darshana has perfectly regulated my scalp to the point where I’m not seeing any of those flakes I normally do!

The picture on the left was taken 1/13/17 and the picture on the right was taken on 2/16/17 (so four and five months post-partum, respectively). I’m actually kind of floored by the results! This was the difference I was able to see in literally one month. I wash my hair every 3-4 days so I’ve only used this 7-8 times. I have about 1/3 of the shampoo/conditioner left and over half of the hair oil left. Amazing!

Here is the other side of my head for reference. Amazing right?! So what’s actually in this stuff? Straight from their website, these are the benefits of natural ayurvedic and botanicals and oils:

  • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil:  Rich in Omega-6 and 9, moisturizes and conditions hair 
  • Coconut Oil: Contains Vitamin E, Omega-6 and 9, for soft, healthy, hair
  • Olive Oil: Rich in Omega 3 for smooth hair with less flyaways
  • Apricot Kernel Oil: Rich inVitamins A, B, & E, Omega-6 and 9 to help nourish and moisturize hair and skin
  • Vitamin E: Antioxidant that repairs dry damaged hair 
  • Indian Gooseberry: Vitamin C which promotes healthier hair
  • Fenugreek Seed:  Conditions your hair
  • Castor Oil: Locks in moisture and makes hair soft and shiny
  • Acacia extract:  Detangler, strengthens, and conditions your hair
  • Linseed extract: Soothes, moisturizes, and adds radiance to hair and skin
  • Chinese Hibiscus extract: Antioxidant, softens, and promotes thicker hair
  • Water Hyssop extract: Provides nourishment and vitality for your hair
  • Indian Pennywort extract: Rich in Vitamin C and stimulates hair follicles
  • Saw Palmetto extract: Gives the appearance of thicker hair
  • Red Clover extract:  Strengthens and fortifies hair
  • Orange and Grapefruit Peel Oil: Aromatic essential oils for fragrance

I’m obviously really pleased with my results and may not have even realized how well my hair was doing had it not been for someone in a beauty group I am in asking for a follow up on my rosemary hair oil experiment. I mentioned that I didn’t stick with it, but then later that week I was getting ready and I started looking at my hairline again, ready to reevaluate what I was going to do about the balding. That’s when I realized that the hair care I was using and loving was not only making a huge difference in the overall health of my hair, but was majorly stimulating hair growth. And not the baby fine light tiny hairs, but thick, normal, healthy hair!

I’m so glad my hairline is growing in so thick and healthy. I know it’s not totally perfect yet, but after only one month of simply using a shampoo, conditioner, and hair oil (easiest hair routine ever) I am hooked. As a blogger I am always trying new things, and often brands send me items to test out, but I really doubt I’ll find something that does better things for my hair than Darshana! I already have these in my Amazon shopping cart for a replenish.

I wanted to share a few more pictures of my hair so you can see what the condition of the rest of it looks like too!

What do you think of my hair growth results in such a short time? I can’t wait to see what my hair looks like when it’s fully grown in. I’m loving that I don’t have to walk around hiding my hairline anymore! I love Darshana so much! 

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